Risks Associated with Operational Plans

Topics: Management, Plan, Project Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: August 22, 2013

Learning Outcome 1: Be able to align objectives of own area of responsibility with those of own organisation – this has previously been discussed and evidence passed on.

Learning Outcome 2: Be able to implement operational plans in own area of responsibility

2.1 Assess risks associated with operational plans and include contingency agreements; Within the third sector the majority of funding that we receive is restricted which limits where the money can be spent and means that it can only be spent on the purpose for which it is assigned. With regards to the projects that I run this is the situation with all of the funding streams, all of the money that I manage is assigned to pre contracted outcomes with set reporting dates. I have found that I plan in a contingency period for submitting the reports in to my plans to cover for any unexpected issues. For example one projects reports are due on the 15th November, I have the project workers complete their figures on a monthly basis so I am able to keep track on a regular basis on what they are achieving so I can identify any areas of concern and we can try to counter act any issues before the report. This covers the quantitative part of reports although I do like staff to have input in to the qualitative part of the report so I ask them to complete all requested information by 20th October which still allows 4 weeks leeway, I will then allow myself two weeks to edit and contribute before I send the document on to the CEO for reviewing over a two week period before the document needs to be submitted. I find that by allowing additional time I am able to plan for delays which should still allow for the report to be submitted when required.

I have found that an organisational plan needs to be a living document to allow to for all eventualities; this means that the plan can be adapted for any changes in deadlines or issues arising and allows me to see what impact that can have on other areas of work.

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