Riordan Finance and Accounting Overview

Topics: Accounting software, Enterprise resource planning, Accounts receivable Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Riordan Home Page:
In the Home Page of the Intranet site for Riordan Manufacturing it shows that this company employs more than 550 employees around the world. Their earnings are projected to earn annually around $46 million dollars and they have their headquarters set in San Jose, California. In their facility in Albany, Georgia they produce their plastic beverage containers while in Pontiac, Michigan they usually make their custom plastic parts. In their headquarters they keep their research and development teams as part of their global work. The home page does an adequate job of relaying some of the main points of the company. However there are some points missing. The current systems in place do not allow or express in a holistic manner how the disparate information on the home page coalesces into a coherent and complete picture of the Riordan Manufacturing Company. Under Mission, Our Focus we should include ways in which we strive to meet our goals in an ethical and moral way. Under Our Employees we should have a links to employees benefits site along with ways in which the employee can provide added value to the company through a program that captures employee input for improving processes throughout the company. Incorporating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which also doubles, as a portal for employee benefits could be a possible solution to empower employees to be more knowledgeable about the benefits they have in addition to submitting ideas for new opportunities, process improvement and other ways the company can improve. Riordan Finance & Accounting Site:

The Finance and Accounting page contains the way they control their finances in very different systems that really are not connected with one another. Their 3 main entities in the United States use different financial management systems that send their results to their corporate office in San Jose, California. In San Jose they have a complete ERP Manufacturing, distribution and...
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