Richard Meier: Douglas House

Topics: Richard Meier, Theory of Forms, Aesthetics Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: March 26, 2007
Richard Meier's designs have dazzled the world with his simplistic forms and color within a controversial setting. Meier is moved by pure values and graceful logic, which are illustrated throughout his designs. Meier's main goal is highly influenced by his "mode of creating space" (Jodidio 8). When Richard Meier is designing a house or building he bases everything on space, light and form. Meier's goal is to make these elements present in his designs; he does not want to create illusions. He believes in making "…designs aesthetically pleasing by creating order and meaning with the use of light" (Meier 71). Douglas House illustrates these attributes in the family room, which is the focal space of the house. The family room in the Douglas House illustrates Meier's main ideas of form, space and light.

Form and space are key aspects of Meier's designs. He focuses his attention to geometric shapes, which fit together perfectly when put together. All of his designs are based on the circle, square and grid so when they are brought together they complete a simplistic form of elegance. Meier creates a "…feeling of discipline in each room". He tries to "…create rooms that give the inhabitant a sense of order and serenity" (Beitler 76). In Douglas House, the family room is a basic rectangle space in order for the room to be complimentary to the other connecting spaces. A two story family room allows this space to become the focal point of the house. The Douglas House is set within a difficult and steep site, its important that the house holds a dominant stature. This geometric cube is a key piece in keeping this house together. It brings the other spaces and shapes as one so the house can contain itself within. This space grows throughout the day with the assistance of the wall made of windows. The wall of windows allows the room to grow more since it does not block the space with a solid form. The window wall gives the impression that the room extends...
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