Rfid Based Attendance System

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2.1 General Block Diagram. 18_ 2.2 Block Diagram Showing Inside View of Controller Section. 20_ 2.3 RFID Module. 23_ 3.1 Entire Circuit Diagram. 24_ 3.2 Controller Section Circuit Diagram. 26 _ 3.3 RFID Circuit Diagram. 28_ 3.4 Power Supply Circuit Diagram. 31_ 4.1 AT89S52 Block Diagram. 34 _ 4.2 AT89S52 Pin Diagram. 35 _ 4.3 AT24C08 Block Diagram. 44 _ 4.4 AT24C08 Pin Diagram. 45_ 4.5 DS1307 Block Diagram. 50_ 4.6 DS1307 Pin Diagram. 51_ 4.7 DS1307 Time Keeper Register Control. 55_ 4.8 MAX 232 Pin Diagram. 57_ 4.9 MAX 232 Logic Diagram. 58_ 4.10 MAX 232 Pin Diagram. 59_ 5.1 Interfacing Microcontroller With RFID Reader. 62_



The attendance system is basically an embedded one. Embedded stands for ‘hardware controlled by software’. Here, the software using a microcontroller controls all the hardware components. The microcontroller plays an important role in the system. The main objective of the system is to uniquely identify and to make attendance for a person. This requires a unique product, which has the capability of distinguishing different person. This is possible by the new emerging technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). The main parts of an RFID system are RFID tag (with unique ID number) and RFID reader (for reading the RFID tag). In this system, RFID tag and RFID reader used are operating at 125 KHz. The EEPROM used for storing the details has the capability of storing 256 person details at a time. The PC can be used for restoring all the details of attendance made.


RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna. The chip typically is capable of carrying 2,000 bytes of data or less.

The RFID device serves the same purpose as a bar code or a magnetic strip on the back of a credit card or ATM card; it provides a unique identifier for that object. And, just as a bar code or magnetic strip must be scanned to get the information, the RFID device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information.

The object of any RFID system is to carry data in suitable transponders, generally known as tags, and to retrieve data, by machine-readable means, at a suitable time and place to satisfy particular application needs. Data within a tag may provide identification for an item in manufacture, goods in transit, a location, the identity of a vehicle, an animal or individual.

A system requires, in addition to tags, a means of reading or interrogating the tags and some means of communicating the data to a host computer or information management system. A system will also include a facility for entering...
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