Decoding the Telemetry System

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Telemetry System


A Wireless Data Telemetry system that receives Temperature, Pressure, Motion Control, and Flow measurement data from a wireless transmitter and displays them on a monitor screen.

The rational behind this project is to provide user with information regarding the sensors of petroleum field industry. The sensors that are used in the industry are Temperature, Pressure, Motion control, Flow Measurement and so on depending on the application required. The raw data is collected from these sensors digitized through microcontroller to make it useful and transmitted on the RF link through wireless transmitter. On the other hand, that is, at receiving side the same data is received, decoded with the help of microcontroller and displayed at the monitor to read it. The focus of the project was to design and build a wireless telemetry retrieval communication system that effectively communicates pertinent data using packets.

High Level Design

Our design consists of a microcontroller and several sensors mounted on field to gather information about the field environment and broadcast the information through a transmitter. The information gathered is then encoded using a microcontroller and send through a transmitter. At the receiver, we use another microcontroller to decode the received data packets and display the parameters on a monitor.

Logical Structure

Our design project consists of two major components, transmitting end and the receiving end. The wireless telemetry system is to design as a stand-alone system consisting devices that can be attached to any moving object such as in petroleum field during drilling to detect its pressure, and surrounding temperature.

Figure 2.1:Basic General Diagram of Transmitter Side

Figure 2.2: Basic General Diagram of the Receiver Side

2.4Packet Format

The packet itself is composed of 30-bits, organized as in Figure1.3 Tx-Packet. The first 1 byte is the...
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