Topics: RFID, Radio-frequency identification, Company Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: June 14, 2014
Intro 1.0

Capital Safety is the global leader of fall protection, confined space and rescue equipment. RFID (radio frequency identification) is a wireless data collection technology. RFID technology has the ability to identify, track and assign information to unique items without direct contact or line-of-sight scanning. I-Safe TM consists of passive RFID tags (transponders) that can be scanned by mobile readers (receivers) that synchronize data to a web-based secure information portal.

Abstract 1.1
The project at hand being studied is on how radio frequency identification system (RFID) has been implemented to help better manage capital safety’s fall protection equipment. The information system being used has become an important role on how they manage their product to help, cost, improve safety compliance, reduce risk, and enhance safety within government regulations. Capital safety has become the global leader in fall protection. With the use of radio frequency identification device they can tract and maintain their equipment in timely manner. 1.2 Author and Team Member

Group Project
Assignment #5
Mohamed Mohamed, Lei Thongvivong
Travis Boyd, Zach Jones
Carl Bisciglia, Yong Yang

Table of content 1.3

Target of study 1.4
Capital safety is the organization being studied in our group. They can be identified by their NACIS and SIC codes that put them in industries like: oil and Gas, construction, transportation, utilities, wind energy, general and residential fall protection. They are the global leader in manufacturing fall protection for these various companies that are in need of safety protection that are working above ground and below with their confined space equipment . Capital safety sales are over 350 million a year and still climbing. With manufacturing Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Australia Capital Safety has to be well organized. That is why they have...
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