Revlon Case Study

Topics: Aishwarya Rai, Revlon, Halle Berry Pages: 3 (626 words) Published: October 26, 2008
Question 1
Should Revlon concentrate its efforts on international markets?

Revlon should retract from international market. The company should reorganize its international operations by appointing distributor setup and windup its presence in the higher costing markets. This option should be opted for the sub–continental and Latin American markets. However, the company should maintain its presence in the European market. This can be done on joint venture basis.

Question 2
Should Revlon diversify its operation, or develop joint venture with other cosmetic companies?

We suggest that Revlon should diversify its operations. The method of diversification should be based on the region in focus. Regions that have impeccable fashion following must be tackled by joint venture. This joint venture must be formed with local cosmetic manufacturers in those regions. Whereas the regions that have low fashion following should be managed by appointing distributors in those areas. The distributor can be given additional discount on performance and sale increase.

Question 3
What role does innovation plays in the strategic management of Revlon? Which specific type of innovation might Revlon use?

Innovation helps Revlon re-strengthen its customer base. By introduction of Ultima II in 2000 and Charlie in 2002 Revlon was able to recapture the market. As for the innovation for future is concern with the draining finances any investment must be backed up by a pre-investment survey / research regarding customer needs and changing trends.

Question 4
What is the role ‘Branding’ should play in future growth strategy of Revlon?

Branding is a major strength of Revlon. The brand Revlon is a symbol of fashion sense. The user can associate a touch of class with the brand.

With a huge loyal customer base Revlon can use its brand name to reintroduce some of its product which are no longer market or discontinued. The important...
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