Review of God's Daughters

Topics: Woman, Meeting, Gender Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: April 4, 2013
In God’s Daughters Evangelical Women and the Power of Submission, Aglow is introduced as a group of women that form a meeting a few times a month to pray and talk about God. As the author Marie Griffith begins explaining the functions of Aglow, it starts to be clear that the women who attend these meetings are there for some type of support, comfort, and even a form of healing. Griffith explains that there are many women who actually find themselves going to church alone without their husbands and that “ it becomes clear that what was advertised as a workshop for dealing with irreligious husbands is actually a session on coping with unhappy, even unbearable, marriages and turning them into loving or at least endurable ones. “. As Griffith continues, it becomes clear that Aglow is a way for the women to get away from their homes to meet and discuss matters of the home with the men actually being fine with this idea. The meetings are for women and are conducted by women but it turns out that what seems to be run by women for women is actually, as stated by Julie Ingersoll in her book Evangelical Christian Women: War Stories in Gender Battles, “overseen by a board of advisors that is all male.” If this is supposed to be the only way a women who participates in Aglow has to clear her mind and free herself from the men in their lives, to help cleanse themselves and submit themselves to God, but yet the whole meeting is actually overseen by a group of

males, then how is it really something that they may call their own? Is this meeting something that the men said the women could have as a privilege? What if the women discuss on a topic that the men do not agree on? Will they end up shutting Aglow down? Griffith gives a brief history of how the organization was founded and how it has expanded “across North America and into more than 120 nations “ today. She goes on by mentioning how many meetings are conducted and how often, the group size of the women that attend...
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