Reunion Essay

Topics: Short story, New York City, Train station Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: April 4, 2013
What goes around comes around
The last time Charlie saw his father was in Grand Central Station in New York City. He had been visiting his grandmother in the Adirondacks and was traveling further on to his mother at a cottage that she had rented on the Cape. When he wrote his father if he could meet him for about an hour and a half in between trains, it was his father’s secretary who wrote him back with the answer yes. A little bit disappointed, but still excited to see his father again, the boy stood of the train. His father knew how important it was to be there on the exact time, but what happened within the next half an hour simplifying made him speechless. Surrounded by thousands of people who were also living in the big city, they went out to get some lunch together nearby. Through the whole short story, it’s the first person narrator Charlie who’s telling the story from his point a view. People living in such a big city as New York are living in their own small bubbles with comfort zones which are only counting themselves. Every single one of them is afraid of change. Change towards themselves and their habits. If someone doesn’t do as there told to, the bubble gets smaller and then it bursts out, and people gets uncomfortable and turns either inside our gets outgoing. It’s that small gesture that can make the difference to the situation, it can get worse or maybe it ends with a smile or a laugh. The boy’s father is living in his own small bubble in his comfort zone in his own club in the Sixties. The first thing he says to his son after not seeing him in over three years is ‘’ "Hi, Charlie," he said, "Hi, boy. I’d like to take you up to my club, but it’s in the Sixties, and if you have to catch an early 15 train I guess we’d better get something to eat around here.’’ It’s...
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