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John Cheever

John Cheever was born on May 27th, 1912 in Quincy, Massachusetts. Cheever’s parents were mature and he had an older brother, Frederick. As a young boy, Cheever decides to become a writer. He discovers that he has a gift for spinning yarns, and that stories are a great escape from his dreadful childhood and adolescence. (Donaldson 18) “During homeroom his teacher at Thayer Academy used to promise her class that John would tell a story if they behaved. With luck and increasing skill, he could spin...

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The Swimmer by John Cheever

John Cheever's story "The Swimmer" depicts a protagonist , and the society that has nurtured him, as lacking in seriousness and responsibility. Neddy, the bewildered protagonist, represents a society satirized for centering its values on social status and materialism. During the course of Neddy's journey, the illusions he has constructed about his life are stripped away, and in the process the truth behind his society is realized. In unveiling the tragedy of Neddy's existence, Cheever reveals the...

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John Cheever - Reunion

Analysis: ”Reunion” by John Cheever We all know the feeling and the thoughts, which come to our mind, when meeting someone for the first time after several years. “Does she look the same? Will there be any awkward silences or feelings? I wonder how much he has changed” Your stomach might turn upside down right before the meeting, too. “Reunion” from 1962 by John Cheever, is a short story told through the eyes of a young boy. Most children, who meet their parents after a long period, would be overwhelmed...

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The Swimmer by John Cheever

Mina Hanna ENGL 2130-010 Ms. Kilgore The Swimmer by John Cheever Oct 06, 2011 The Swimmer by John Cheever Neddy’s journey home through the pools of his neighborhood turns into a journey through many years of his life, showing that passage of time is inevitable, no matter how much one might ignore it. Neddy has mastered the art of denial. At the beginning of the story, the narrator tells us that Neddy is far from young, but he does his best to act young by sliding...

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“Reunion” by John Cheever

It is better to know and be disappointed, than to not know and always wonder Ord: 880 The meeting with a person you’ve missed can be just as joyful, as it can be sad. We experience just that in the short story “Reunion” by John Cheever. Charlie is transferring trains in New York and got a 90-minuts window to eat lunch with his father, who he has not seen in 3 years since his parents, is divorced. The father seems as a stranger, but Charlie hopes to reconnect with him. They go to several...

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The Country Husband by John Cheever

“The Country Husband” is a story by John Cheever. The story begins with a middle- aged man (the main character) named Francis Weed experiencing an emergency plane landing into a crop field. The plane Francis was taking from Minneapolis to New York had entered a turbulent storm, thus resulting in the pilot to have to land. However, Francis Weed survives the plane crash. After Francis’s near death experience, he seeks to his true identity which had been lost in the social circle of his suburban life...

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Setting Essay - the Swimmer - John Cheever

"I drank too much last night." The short story, The Swimmer, written by John Cheever, is about a man who has a fascination of swimming and decides to swim "across the country." On his journey swimming from pool to pool, the man is ignorant from the physical effects taken by alcohol and the swimming that takes a toll on him in different settings. For this man, Neddy Merrill, finds struggle between the physical effects of swimming, fellow friends, family, and alcohol during different settings throughout...

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The Swimmer

at their house since Eric’s operation. This loss of memory of his also appears when Mrs. Halloran, Helen Sachs’s mother, is telling him that they have been terribly sorry for their misfortunes and he does not recall that his house is sold either”(Cheever 520). Neddy has external conflicts that are alcoholism, the affair with Shirley Adams, his old mistress, his social standing, and...

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Attitude, Meaning Symbolism and Allegory

The “Swimmer” is one of a long familiar works of John Cheever (1964) which is illustrative of his suburban stories in which John relates individuals living by using symbolize themes such as Pool, highway, character Needy, suburbia and foreshadowing. How these symbolizes used by John Cheever to narrate his story summarize the realisms, surrealism and humoristic description of suburban life. I believe the pool is the excavation of water. But in John Cheever’s ‘the swimmer”, the pool is the subversion...

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Reunion Essay

-------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. Line 13-15 in Reunion written by John Cheever [ 2 ]. Line 15 - 16 in Reunion, Written by John Cheever [ 3 ]. Line 16 – 17 in Reunion, Written by John Cheever [ 4 ]. Line 17 – 19 in Reunion, Written by John Cheever [ 5 ]. Line 74 – 75 in Reunion, Written by John Cheever [ 6 ]. Line 113 – 114 in Living With Strangers, Written by Siri Hustvedt ...

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