Resistance to Change

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Change refers to making something different from the past or the old position and cope with the unknown situation. Resistance is defined as a force that slows or stops the movement of improving. It is an unavoidable response to any major change. Individuals naturally rush to protect the status quo when they perceive their security or status has been threatened. Resistance to change is the action taken by individuals and groups when they perceive that a change is occurring as a threat to them. Resistance to change is viewed as a destructive force that will affect the organizational interests. This is the reason why resistance to change is always seen as negative. The managers become frustrated when their own goals which have been set are not being achieved because of their employees resist to change. They are unwilling to accept the unavoidable of the imminent development in the organization. Those employees resist organizational change due to their selfishness, misunderstanding, distrust and a general intolerance for change. The people resist change out of selfishness because they believe they will lose something they value particularly when they experience poorer working conditions, lower salary, fewer privileges and bonuses, lower status in the organization, a loss of identity and even loss of their jobs. Besides that, people also resist change because of misunderstanding in the change and distrust to the other people. They don’t understand the important of change in the organization and they also distrust the people who inspire them to change. Resistance may also come from a generally low tolerance for change. People with low tolerance for change will worry about that they won’t be able to learn or control the new skills or technologies that needed to improve the company. Furthermore, workers resist change because of dislike of the organization change and discomfort with uncertainty. They simply do not want to change because they get use to doing the old ways and they fear of the unknown. People resist the organizational change through ignorance. Managers perceive that the employees always got it too slowly or they simply didn’t get it. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the meaning of resistance to change in the organization and which methods can be used by the companies to manage resistance of change.

Organizational change is an inevitable phenomenon for a company which desire to grow, achieve its goals and objectives and it will result in responses that might be positively or negatively. Perceived positive effect of change will promote commitment while negative effect of change will generate resistance. The organizations need to adapt the environment to become more competitive with other companies and stay ahead in the front position. The rules and regulations in the organization are modified, new technologies or equipments are introduced, the product lines have been increased or decreased and there is a modulation in the workforce as internal and external condition change. These are all the organizational changes that would be introduced to keep the company in the right position. In addition, organizational change might affect the authoritative allocation of both human and material resources and incite the competition between employees which accelerate the political climate in the organization. Political change in the organization is very sensitive because it threatens the worker’s status quo. The employees who invest less in the status quo or managers who are slightly removed from their initial position might endure the process. However, some people might perceive that is a threat to their status, positions, skills and they feel the process as underestimate their competence. Coincidentally, this latter group is a major player in change process and capable of showing the behavior of resistance. Manager could change four basic aspects of company which are strategy, technology, structure and employees. Firstly,...
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