Topics: Qualitative research, Public administration, Bureaucracy Pages: 6 (997 words) Published: March 24, 2015

Mawuli Komla Kottoh

A research proposal submitted to the CHINESE SCHOLARSHIP COUNCIL in partial fulfilment of the requirement for Master’s degree scholarship in public administration in international development at Tsinghua University.

March 2015.

Even though the public sector in African countries is expected to spearhead socioeconomic development to reduce poverty, it has proved largely ineffective in performing this task. Some of the reasons for this ineffectiveness are excessive politicization, lack of accountability and representation, inability to promote the public interest and authoritarian tendencies. This ineffectiveness has led to the call for a redefinition of the role of the public sector. As a contribution to the debate over the proper role of the public sector, and how it has coped with the Public sector Management reforms, this research proposal assesses the state of public sector management in Africa with peculiar interest on Ghana by focusing specifically on the strengths and challenges of the state and its bureaucracy in relation to performance and how the challenges can be addressed.

Haque in 2001 stated, the basic function of the public sector was to provide goods and services to citizens based on realization and representation of public interests and its possession of unique public qualities compared to business management. However, the public sector was not able to perform its function effectively because of its accumulation of excessive power, lack of accountability and representation, corruption, indifference towards public needs and demands, official secrecy and inaccessibility, and role in depoliticizing the public sphere.

1.1 Statement of the Problem
Ghana gained independence from Britain on the 6th of March 1957, prior to that the country’s government machinery was controlled by the British which included the bureaucratic set up. To protest against the British rule, civil servants and other public sector workers did their best to run down the government machinery by underperforming, hence low productivity. Due to the long duration of the protest underperformance became part and parcel of the bureaucratic administration in Ghana. As a result, the situation has persisted and is now taking a heavy toll on public sector administration Ghana. Owing to this, it becomes imperative to study the current situation and suggest possible alternatives to help address the current situation in the public sector for national development.

1.2 Research Questions
1. What are the bureaucratic Challenges that hinder public sector development in Ghana? 2. How can the research change the mind set of public servants? 3. What can be done to motivate public sector workers in Ghana?

1.3 Objectives of the study
1. Identify bureaucratic challenges that hinder public service delivery in Ghana. 2. Find ways and means by which bureaucracy can be coordinated to improve the public sector. 3. Change the mind set of public servants.

1.4 The significance of the study
This research is intended to emphasize the rights of citizens to demand the best from its bureaucrats, the use of excessive bureaucracy belongs to the past, and therefore officials of the public sector should not hide behind rules, regulations, procedures and bye-laws to delay services.

2. Brief Literature Review

2.1 introduction
(Applebaum and Chamblis 1995) argued that bureaucracy starts from birth (health bureaucracy) to family upbringing (social welfare), to school (educational) to work (civil service, military, commercial and industrial) to worship and death (religion): man is increasingly dominated by bureaucracy. Thus, every sphere of modern life has become very bureaucratic as people are born into bureaucracies; grow in it, live with it, and...
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