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Hoàng Thị Khánh Linh

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Today English is one of the most important factors in the trend of globalization. Thus, English as a foreign language has been taught in many countries. Most English text book are improved day by day to serve the communicating aims of learners in terms of language skills, language elements and other aspects.

In Viet Nam, English has been a compulsory subject at many schools. Students have to acquire four basic skills of English: Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing. Among them, writing is considered the most difficult skill. Also, it is an efficient tool to facilitate and reinforce other language skills. However, in reality, the Writing skill of Vietnamese students is rather limited. They are often much anxious about writing and afraid of making errors in writing classes. They find it difficult to use cohesion and discourse in writing paragraphs, letters and essays. Because reading, vocabulary and grammar are all involved in the act of writing, students have to use their background knowledge and their skills to express fluently what they want to the reader understand.

Students at Hue University of Foreign Language are also facing these difficulties. So, an Investigation into difficulties in Writing by Students at Hue University of Foreign Language, when accomplished, will help me to have a deeper understanding of writing style of them and help them improve their writing skill.

This project will focus on the following research questions: 1. What are the difficulties related to ability of expressing ideas and using some common grammar points which students encounter in writing?

2. What are the causes of the difficulties related to ability of expressing ideas and using some common grammar points which students encounter in writing? 3. What are the way to solve the difficulties related to ability of expressing ideas and using some common grammar points which students encounter in writing?


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➢ Population​
: Students at Hue University of Foreign Language play an important role in the process of researching because the research will focus on students’ writing skills. They will primarily be selected to do the questionnaire. The selection of students taking part in the survey will base on the need of research. Every student stand at the equal chance of being selected. Therefore the method will ensure high diversity and validity for the study.

➢ Materials​
: The data collection method is questionnaire delivered to students. This tool is popularly used in primary research. Moreover, Questionnaire can elicit comparable information from a number of respondents and can be administrated in many forms. And the last, it has the flexibility in the gathering process.

➢ Procedures​
: Firstly, researcher collected information which relate to the topic from books, magazines and websites. These information would be read to design the questions. Then, researcher will give questionnaires for a number of students after getting the approval of teachers or students and the participants will be asked to do the questionnaires. Next, researcher will collect and analyze data from questionnaires. Lastly, researcher have to give some solutions so that students at Hue University of Foreign Language can develop Writing skills better and better.

➢ How the analyses will be performed​
: In this research, quantitative approach will be
applied. The data will be collected, classified and categorized. After collecting the necessary the data from questionnaires, the rough statistics will be synthesized into the specific numbers. Next, they were converted into percentage statistics. All of the...

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