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Topics: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Antipsychotic Pages: 3 (1646 words) Published: October 25, 2014

PSY 326 Research Methods
Lately, Schizophrenia is the most talked about mental illness in America. Sometimes it can become a burden to the individuals that are diagnosed with it, as well as their families. This paper will describe a qualitative data analysis referencing the best and effective medication to treat Schizophrenia with the least side effects. Et al. Asher, C. J., & Gask, L. (2010), approximately 11.9% of people diagnosed lose their independence and are less productive in their lives. The symptoms include hallucinations with the hearing of voices. The voices can be intense, severely impacting their daily functions; suicide and homicide are linked to the disorder (Johnsen, E., Sinkeviciute, I., Løberg, E., Kroken, R. A., Hugdahl, K., & Jørgensen, H. A. (2013). It is important to know that individuals suffering from schizophrenia and other link disorders are diverse. So, to enhance effective treatment in various subcategories, individual drug routines should be a vital goal. Fortunately, there are many medications on the market today can help individuals get to that point. There’s also many recovery based services that has room to provide better service in order to combat a relapse.

There was a qualitative study performed in Thailand to explore the opinions of 24 Thai nurses referencing how clinicians as well as the nurses could improve the service and treat and provide patients in an outpatient and inpatient environment. Interviews were conducted in a semi-structured in environment as well as a thematic study on adherence. Adherence plays a very important part in the treatment received to overcome the obstacles that are sure to interfere (Kaewprom, C., Curtis, J., & Deane, F. P. (2011). Hallucinations are pretty frequent in schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders and can include dire concern for individuals that suffer from the disorder. Consequently, hallucinations have always been...
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