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Topics: Management, Business ethics, Ethics Pages: 3 (2083 words) Published: October 24, 2014
UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, MAURITIUS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND LAW Research Proposal Title Analyzing the relationship between ethical practices and the functions of Human Resource Management By Jeremy Pavillon Table of Content Abstract... Page 2 1.0 IntroductionPage 3 1.1 Problem Statement.Page 4 1.2 Research aims and objectivesPage 5 1.3 Literature ReviewPage 6 1.3.1 - What does Unethical HRM practices bring to the workplacePage 6 1.3.2 The Concept of Anomie (Sociology of Work).Page 7 1.3.3 - Anomie Scale Work.Page 8 1.4 Proposed Methodology.Page 9 1.5 Expected Outcomes.Page 10 References.Page 11 1.0 Abstract The Competitive nature of todays society has shaped the humans mind in a number of ways. Some people believe that being good and doing good will promote collectivism, while others still believe in the individualist way of living, maybe because these people were hurt in one way or another in their social living or in their professional life. Businesses are more concerned about securing important investment from shareholders and maximize profits. Few considerations are given to employees as analyzed in this paper. Maybe this is a two way traffic. One cannot only blame top management, but each and every stakeholder has their role to play. This research was done solely to analyze to what extent the functions of Human Resource Management can pair up with ethical practices for better stakeholders management, especially employees. Information from various philosophers were gathered and give a dark, not really positive relationship between the Human Resource functions and the ethical practices of businesses and organizations. Taking along the difference between ethical practices and Human Resource functions would have definitely given another type of findings which could have been more positive. The ultimate goal is to make the Human Resource Functions an important process for the achievement of organizational goals but...

References: Freeman, R. E. 1984. Strategic management A stakeholder approach. Boston Pitman. HYPERLINK http// http// Masters Seminars in Business Ethics video series HYPERLINK https// https// The Future Of Human Resource HYPERLINK http// http// An exploration of factors affecting anomia at work - Eva E. Tsahuridu Critical Management Studies Conference, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK 13th 15th July 2009.The Anomia Concept Sociology Of Work Lecture notes ( Harrish Fhooblall), week 6 HR Practices that Can Contribute to Ethical Behavior by Van Thompson, Demand Media - http// PAGE PAGE 11
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