Human Resources Management (Recruitment and Staff Selection)

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Human Resources Management(Recruitment And Staff Selection)
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1. What would you say to George about the ideal legal and ethical hiring practices? The ideal legal and ethical practice in the hiring of employees in the HR department is giving everyone a fair chance to present his/her papers and choosing the best who will be able to carry out the activities that are defined effectively. Professionalism should be maintained during the hiring process and favorisms should not occur during the process. If there is favorism in the process, the employees’ morale will be destroyed and the staff turnover will be very high in a company. George has the right to report any activity that may tend to make the process not credible. An ethical firm is supposed to uphold what is believed to be good for the firm, its staff and the society around. Such illegal practices as corruption, favorism and more are shunned in an ethical firm. Ethics define what the business stands for and is ready to defend it in any course, no matter the cost. Biasness according to gender and sexual orientation is one of the major problems that are facing the HR department in many firms. What I would say to George is that the ethical practice after noticing that there is favorism going on is to apply for the vacancy while at the same time taking the necessary steps to report the matter to the necessary authority in the firm who will take the necessary steps to ensure that the hiring process is credible. If the firm boasts itself as an ethical business, it will take the necessary action on the supervisor and thus ensuring a credible process. It will ensure that the legal and ethical practices that it upholds are met/observed. 2. What can you do to ensure that the recruitment and selection process is fair and consistent with the requirements of federal and state laws on hiring practices? The HR department is the one that is concerned with the hiring...

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