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 Research Proposal
Development in Telecommunication Sector in Pakistan

Telecom sector is growing industry in Pakistan and one of the best revenue generated industry in Pakistan. This report addresses the important issue of interconnection, the application and enforcement of which is widely recognized to be key to effective liberalization strategy, or often a key reason for failure. Now here is this more critical than in the area of rural telecommunications, where network costs are known to be high and where the traditional consensus has been that services cannot be rolled out without subsidies. In a liberalizing environment, the issue becomes even more critical. Rural areas must be better connected, but subsidies-even best-practice explicit subsidies applied in a so-called smart way-cannot cover all of the areas that will remain without service unless better means of incentivizing investment are explored. This report investigates an approach to rural telecommunications investment that would seek to bridge most of the so-called rural "access gap" by revising the network interconnection regime, such that operators serving high cost areas would receive higher call termination fees. The new regime would be built on geographically de-averaged termination charges, to be more indicative of network cost differences between urban and rural networks. The new system could change the business model for rural networks, harnessing the potential for incoming call revenues to shoulder much more of the investment feasibility than currently allowed. It is argued that the rural access gap could be bridged largely by more efficient pricing, thus reducing the need for subsidies, leaving only the most remote and challenging areas in need of financial support. This research paper is also conducted to study the impact of organizations policies, working environment and reasons of employee intentions to stay or leave the organization in telecom industries of Pakistan. Introduction

Telecommunication is the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic Means. The simplest form of telecommunications takes place between two stations. However, it is common for multiple transmitting and receiving stations to exchange data among them. Such an arrangement is called a telecommunications network. The Internet is the largest example. Telecommunication sector comprises of six major segments; Mobile Sector, Fixed Line Sector, Wireless Local Loop Sector, Payphone Services, Internet Services, Voice over IP. Telecommunications sector policy-makers and regulators have a wide range of instruments available to them that can be used to increase access to telecommunications services in rural and low-income areas.  In Haripur Telecom Enterprises is the one of the leading firms in Pakistan which is committed to provide a wide range of IT and Telecommunication services and Solutions from since 1994-2012. But employee retention issues are emerging as the most critical workforce management challenges of the immediate future. Researchers have shown that in the future, successful organizations will be those which adapt their organizational behavior to the realities of the current work environment where longevity and success depend upon innovation, creativity and flexibility. Telecommunication infrastructural investment can lead to economic growth in several ways: transaction costs of data collection, placing and receiving orders have greatly reduced due to the availability of advanced telecommunication infrastructure. The research is intended to analyze the booming Telecommunication Sector in the Rural areas of Haripur and its potential of productivity and investment and more specifically the capacity to generate revenue for the Government of Pakistan in the form of Taxes. The study highlights the economic effects of the telecommunication industry in Pakistan as a whole. The...

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