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| | | | |Research Proposal Form | |Student Name: |Orna Ryan |Student Number: |97123456 | |Intake Number | 1 |Module Title |BMGT2004K | | | |Proposed Project Title: A review of Performance Management |

Please review the requirements of your study guide before you complete this form. This form should be no longer than 3 pages in total when completed.

1. Subject Area of Research
The topic of study must relate directly to your programme of study.

(a) What is the module which your research will be based upon?

[X] Human Resource Management [ ] Management Organisational Behav. [ ] Managing Change [ ] Cross-cultural management

(b) Which specific topic from this module?

Topic 8 of HRM Performance Management

(c) Please indicate what is the question which you intend to research in 20 words or less?

How can the introduction of a performance management system impact on staff motivation in the School of Business?

(d) What are your research objectives

(i) _ Outline the new performance management system ___ (ii) _ Assess the impact of performance management on staff motivation (iii) _ Review the implementation performance appraisal system in the public

2. Rationale for the Selection of the Project (100 words)
Why is this topic worth investigating?

I have selected this topic for two reasons. Firstly, I am very interested in the area of performance management and its impact on staff motivation. I have recently experienced the introduction of performance management to my job, as an employee. Secondly, performance management has recently been introduced to the public sector in Ireland through PMDS. It commenced in January 2008. Performance management in universities is a new development and as a result, there is little research on it in an Irish context.

3. Preparation for Literature Review
Literature /Other Research Relevant to your Proposal (150 words)

(a) What academic literature is relevant to your proposed research?

Beardwell, J., Clayton, T. and Holden, L. (2007): Human Resource Management, a contemporary Approach, 5th Edition, Prentice Hall: London

Newell, H. and Scarbrough H. (2002): HRM in context, A Case Study Approach, Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire.

Peterson, T. (2007): ‘Motivation: How to Increase Project Team Performance’, Project Management Journal, Dec2007, Vol. 38: 4, p60-69

Davenport, J. and Gardiner, P. (2007): ‘Performance Management in the Not-for-Profit Sector with Reference to the National Trust for Scotland’, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, May, Vol. 18: 3, p303-311

(b) Have you identified other research that might inform your proposed research? (for example from professional bodies, government reports, etc.)

Department of Finance (2009): Performance Management Implementation: A review, Government Publications Office: Dublin

Economic and Social Resource Institute: Managing and Representing People at work, ESRI: Dublin

4. Please outlined your proposed...
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