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In this Research Proposal, the proposal is based on the dissertation topic “Setting up of a Textile Plant in India” the topic deals with the setting up of a textile plant in India. The country like India has such a good economy with a world's eleventh-largest by nominal GDP and third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Following market-based economic reforms in 1991, India became one of the fastest-growing major economies; it is considered a newly industrialized country (From Wikipedia).. However, there are some drawbacks which tend to be the barriers in industrial setup like political, social, cultural, legal, environmental etc. and many other factors affects the setting up of manufacturing unit in India. The research proposal is made in such a way that it shows the setting up of textile plant in India with an example of textile companies that had two units in India in two different locations and wanted to set up the third unit somewhere in west corner of India. The proposal with the challenges that they faced and opportunities that they get while setting up of the textile plant. Management Summary

In this research proposal, an example is taken of Filatex Textile limited wanted to set up a poly condensation plant of 216,000 tonne/ year. Filatex India currently operates a 68,150 tonnes/year POY/polypropylene (PP) yarn unit at Silvassa. The company has decided to source around 85% of feedstock purified Terepthalic acid (PTA) locally and import the rest of it.For the secondary raw material the company plan to source Monoethylene glycol (MEG) from the Middle East. Filatex is also looking to export its POY. Filatex currently produces POY from outsourced polyester chips. It will continue to buy bright chips but not semi-dull chips as this is produced at the new plant in Dahej. It is very important for us to know the factor associated with respect to choose the location .This make the more cautious & preventive, when company initially has received a big setback when the third plant which is now in Dahej, Bharuchh was originally planned in Silvassa however due to court stays order they decided to leave their half constructed plant and shift their plant to the area of Gujarat .The study deals with the impact of improving the past mistake. The project deals with the capital structure, the advantage they received, loss incurred, the challenges they faced as they planned their work with reference to the previous location that they decided, advantage that they get after choosing a new location and some government initiative. The study helps us to the various points which are essential in setting up of plant in any sectors not only for textile but also for various other manufacturing sectors like Pharmaceuticals, petroleum companies etc. The study helps to know about the availability of the resources that our present with the company or the option left out with them by considering the various point keeping in their mind like their budget while carrying out the process. The research is being done in such a way that it shows the view of the team of Filatex India ltd while carrying out their hardship in making a successful project. Problem Statement

The Indian Textile Industry is one of the leading textile industry in the world. Apart from having the basic necessities of life, its role in Indian economy is very significant. Indian textile industry contribute about 14% of Industry and 4% of Indian GDP.Inspite of the contribution done from textile industry there are serious strong weakness that is leading to the downfall of industry. The major reason came to know about the downfall were technological, labour laws, China as a new competitor but the most important is the setting up of a new textile plant which plays an important role in the development of the textile industry. Objectives

The objectives of the research proposal are as follow:-
1. Examine the factors suitable for setting up their textile plant 2....

References: “Filatex India Ltd”,retrieved 2013;[Online] available at : [Accessed 26 November]
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