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This form is only for non-funded research proposals initiated by lecturers, e.g. Education Research, Action Research, etc. Submit the application form to the School Research Coordinator. All research proposals need Ethics Clearance. After approval by School, attach the research proposal to the Application for Ethics Approval and submit to R&D office.

A. General Information

1. Title of research project:

2. Chief Investigator(s):
Give name of Project Leader.

3. Associate Investigator(s):
Give name of other researchers.

4. Duration of project:

5. Project summary:
Provide a brief non-technical summary of the project and also the teaching and learning issues to be addressed.

B. Research Framework

6. Purpose (aim/objectives)
Describe the aim of the research as well as the measurable objectives of the project.

“The aim of this study is to _____________ (investigate the consequences?, test the theory?, analyse the impact?, reach a deeper understanding of? etc..)______________.

The main objectives (milestones) of the research are to:
• develop or adapt a technique to do research? use certain methodology to solve a problem? • develop theoretical model?, extend existing model?
• determine, measure, gather information on..?
• analyse, compare, evaluate data?”

Provide the research hypothesis or research question/s based on the aims and objective of the project.

7. Background

Explain how your proposed project relates to other work in the discipline (literature review). Point out how your proposed project will help to fill existing gaps of knowledge, solve contradictions, or in general contribute to a better or new understanding of the field.

8. Research methods
Describe the research methodology and research methods to be applied in your research project with particular reference to:

For example, for research involving human:
• the sample and recruitment of participants;
• the data collection and analysis strategies;
• the standards of research to be applied in the project; • ethical issues to be considered; and
• the intended forms or reporting the results of the project.

9. Expected impact of research project
Please outline in dot form the aims and expected outcomes of the project. These should be in a form that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the research project and the research team when the project is completed.

- Formation of research skills in students through involvement in research project (undergraduate, masters, PhD) - Planned number of publications in non-reviewed journals - Planned number of publications in peer-reviewed journals - Planned number of conference reports

- Expected patents
- Development of products
- Income through consultancy activities
- Creation of Teaching & Learning resources
- Others

10. Schedule of research project.
The schedule of the project can be shown in a chart.

11. References
List references in a standard format or style.

C. Legal Framework

12. Ethical aspects of research project
Does the research project involve experiments on humans or animals? If yes, are legal requirements fulfilled? Download the Research and Ethics Clearance Form available from Complete and attach with this application. This is mandatory.

13. Contractual obligations with third parties.
Indicate any contractual obligation with third-party that will be entered...
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