PTCL Research Report

Topics: Optical fiber, Fiber-optic communication, Laser Pages: 23 (4554 words) Published: September 15, 2014

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1.1 Topic chosen and its context3
1.2 Reasons for choosing the topic3
1.3 Aims and objectives of the report4


2.1 Sources used and reasons for their use6
2.2 Methods used to gather information6


3.1 Fiber-optic technology9
3.2 Fiber-optic applications10
3.3 Transmission history10
3.4 Fiber-optics emergence11
3.5 Transmission system in Pakistan12
3.6 Transition from microwave to optical fiber system13 3.7 On-going optical fiber project14
3.8 Improvements14


4.1The success factor of an organisation16
4.2Fiber-optic technology, a success factor16
4.3Impact on Pakistan Telecommunication Industry16
4.4An overview17


6.1Annexure-ITelephone line growth19
6.2Annexure-IITelephone revenue growth20


We are living in privileged times. The world has witnessed so much that the scientific and technological development that has taken place is just phenomenal. Knowledge has not grown; it has exploded (Mr. Saifuddin Adeeb, 2000).


The topic I have chosen for my research and analysis project is

“An analysis of how the application of technology can contribute to an organisation’s efficiency and/or effectiveness.”

Events are taking place every fraction of a second. In human history no other invention has the kind of potential and influence for human welfare and development as information technology has. Technology especially the information technology is a blessing for humankind if its proper application towards the betterment of humanity is ensured. It should be used for further advancement (Mr. Saifuddin Adeeb, 2000).

Technology has contributed to a great extent in the advancement of communication. We have engaged in face-to-face communication, developed various means to mediate our face-to-face communication in order to communicate with each other from a distance or to leave a record of our messages. Communication experts believe that new technologies have reversed the roles of transportation and communication in our culture. These have included the petroglyphs of the cave dewellers, the written word, the printing press and its resulting mass communication, the use of electric technologies such as morse code, and later, the miniaturisation of such technologies into electronic devices – telephones, radio, television, and, most recently, the computer (Kethryn A. Marold & Gwynne Larsen).


Even where my own personal life experiences are concerned, the vastly fluctuating changes technology and communication advancement have brought into my life style are tremendous. From the horse-driven cart in which I used to go to school in my hometown when I was four, to the luxury driven car I drive to work today, there is a great advancement. Today when I send e-mails to my friends abroad, chat with colleagues, do video-conferencing with relatives, and, use mobile phones, I could not have imagined about these blessings when I was a child, as they did not even exist at that time.

I have great passion and have developed interest and it is due to all these exotic experiences I gained in my life that I am working on this topic. I am very much impressed by the impact of technology on broadcasting and telecommunication. We have electronic means of communication that do not require our physical presence today. We are thus freed from space in our interpersonal communications. This “freed from space” did not begin with the facsimiles and long-distance phone calls of the twentieth century, however, it really began to evolve with...
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