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Executive Summary
This report is aimed at looking into the impacts of international tourism on climate change. The first section gives an overview of the report. The second section then looks at the contribution of international tourism on climate. The next section of the report addresses the impacts of the issues discussed in the previous section in the next decade on international tourism as well as addresses the environmental change issues that affect international tourism. The next section concludes the report and offers a recommendation that could be considered by policy makers.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Contribution of International Tourism on Climate Change4
Impacts of the Issues Discussed on Tourism in the next Ten Years6 Conclusion6

The contribution of tourism to the global economy is very significant. Globalization and further advancement in the levels of technology in communication and transport has revolutionized the international tourism industry substantially. There has been an observed increase in international travels to various tourist destinations all over the world (Scott, 2010). International tourism refers to type of tourism where individuals or groups travel to new destinations all over the world outside their residential countries for purposes that are out of business (Scott, 2010). The tourists spend one or more nights on accommodation facilities in the destination countries (Scott, 2010). The contribution of international tourism to climate change has been the center of most discussions with proponents holding the notion that tourism has some significant impacts in climate change. Tourism is climate dependent and this has been the trend over the last decades and centuries (Scott, 2010). Additionally, the season dependent sun and sea tourism also relies on temperature and favorable climate. The environment too is a great resource to the tourism industry being that most organisms that draw the attention of tourists reside in the environment (Hernandez and Ryan, 2011). There has been an alarm over the increasing rates of CO2 that is being released from international tourism industries calling for different stakeholders to formulate different policies to curb the increase. The emissions in the international tourism industry result from transport, accommodation and various human activities that are linked with the sector. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the link between tourism and climate change with emphasis on international tourism. Contribution of International Tourism on Climate Change

The sustainability of industries has been the center of most corporate organizations as well as nongovernmental organizations. Environmental lobbyists have been on the move to raise awareness to the general public at the global level concerning the contribution of international tourism to climate change. The most common finding in most studies looking into the impact of tourism on the environment has suggested that tourism indeed causes climate change. The activities, accommodation and transport in the international tourism have been estimated to contribute 5% of all greenhouse gases that are currently present in the atmosphere (Scott, 2010). The transport sector especially air transport has been linked with the highest contribution of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The international tourism based aviation industry has contributed 40% of the greenhouse gases from international tourism (Gössling, 2011). The car transport then follows with 32% and is closely followed by 21% that is accounted for by the accommodation services in the international tourism industry (Gössling, 2011). Other activities that are artificial account for the remaining 7% collectively. It is a known fact that CO2 has undesirable impacts on the environment and...

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