Assignment: Millennium Development Goals and Tourism

Topics: Millennium Development Goals, Poverty, Sustainable tourism Pages: 5 (1436 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Assignment 2 – Essay INFORMATION and Q&A SESSION
Sustainable Tourism HMS 00423

• Due:

Week 12 - Friday 7 September 2012 @ end of day • Submit: via Turnitin on Blackboard • Length: 2000–2500 words • Weighting: 60%

How to Write an Essay
• STHM Academic Writing Guide: id=558&site_id=42 • Academic Skills Development Unit (ASDU) resources: =611#cat611 – Develop an argument – Link theory and practice – Analysis/Evaluation, not just descriptive writing – Introduction, Body, Conclusion • To Contact ASDU:

How to Reference Properly
• STHM Academic Writing Guide: hp?doc_id=558&site_id=42 • Blackboard > Assignments > Referencing > p?tab_tab_group_id=_2_1&url=%2Fwebapps%2Fbla ckboard%2Fexecute%2Flauncher%3Ftype%3DCourse %26id%3D_123906_1%26url%3D

Marking Criteria
1. Relevance and appropriateness of title & Addressing posed assessment topic/task 2. Sound, logical, clearly developed and well supported argument

3. Clear essay structure (intro, body, conclusion; paragraph structure) & Adherence to good academic writing practice (presentation, grammar, clarity of expression) 4. Depth and breadth of research & Analysis, evaluation and integration of research 5. Referencing (minimum of 8 academic references; in-text citations and quoting; consistency of referencing style; construction of reference list)

Choose one (1) of six topics:
Sustainable tourism and… 1. …climate change 2. …protected areas 3. …poverty alleviation 4. …mining 5. …ecotourism 6. …, cross-cultural understanding & peace

Topic 1 – ST & climate change
Many authors argue that tourism is a major contributor to climate change, particularly through its travel/transport component. As the consequences of climate change are starting to influence government policies (e.g. carbon tax) and consumer behaviour (i.e. through increased consumer awareness), explore the future of tourism and how it may change (or not) over the next 20 years. Draw on examples from government policy, travel behaviour data, climate change studies and/or tourism and sustainability debates to support your case.

Topic 1 – support materials
• • • • • • • • Unit topic 6 materials Unit topic 3 reading – What if governments banned tourism? Sustainable Tourism CRC reports: CSIRO resources: Can ST include flying? Watch the debate: ABC TV series on climate change: News report on some impacts: Official government website on Carbon Tax:

Topic 2 – ST & protected areas
About 10-15 percent of the earth’s surface is in designated protected areas, with the primary focus on biodiversity conservation. However, despite protection, “[t]he loss of biodiversity is still accelerating within and beyond the boundaries of protected areas” (Bushell & Eagles 2007, p. 1). Nelson Mandela, in his opening speech at the 5th World Parks Congress in Durban argued that “It is only through alliances and partnerships that Protected Areas can be made relevant to the needs of society.” In this context, critically review tourism’s contribution to biodiversity conservation and explore opportunities for alliances between protected areas and tourism to foster relevance of protected areas to local communities and the broader society. Use examples from around the world to illustrate your argument.

Topic 2 – support materials
• • • • Materials from Unit topic 7 World database on protected areas: Tourism and...
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