Global Tourism Negative Impacts Of Tourism

Topics: Tourism, Maldives Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: May 26, 2015
Tourism can generate large amount of revenues and provide job opportunities globally. Tourism is often treated as means to develop the country and to make the country known worldwide. This leads to the construction of infrastructure and facilities which are placed in locations which has the tendency to generate revenue in conjunction to tourism. However, the environment, economy and socio-culture suffers from the acts of tourism due to the activities carried out by tourist, thus creating negative impacts which affect it’s host community globally. Natural resource suffers from the acts conducted in the tourism industry. The process of excessive exploitation that affects the quality of land is called land degradation. Land resources cover a wide aspect which includes wetlands, land minerals, forests and fertile soil. Due to the booming success of the tourism industry, there is an increase of recreational facilities and an increase of construction for the tourism sector. This increases the pressure towards the natural resources that the world has to offer directly. These natural resources are used to build accommodation which takes up land area, being used as building materials and any other infrastructure which are needed. A forest in Nepal suffers deforestation due to the increase in jungle trekking tourism. Jungle trekker clears the land for camping and to obtain firewood. Also, five kilograms of wood a day is being used to sustain a jungle trekker. Another natural resource which is being used excessively is water. Resorts and water parks uses an incredible amount of water to sustain some of the basic needs of tourist. However, this generates a high volume in water waste as this may lead to the shortage of water supply and its quality. This is a concern for countries in the Mediterranean as some regions are dryer. Tourist consumes more water especially when the climate is hot and dry. The average consumption of tourists in dryer climates is about 440 liters a...
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