National Tour Report (Tourism Studies)

Topics: Tourism, Maldives, World Tourism Organization Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: March 6, 2010
To study and experience various tourism forms in India
To assess various social, environmental and economic impacts of tourism on various destinations •To comprehend the benefits enjoyed by the host population due to the promotion of tourism •To understand the cultural diversity of people in different states of the country •To make study about tourism potentials and problems

To make known the trends, future prospects and the job opportunities in the different parts of the tourism field •To feel and enjoy as a domestic Indian tourist
To import knowledge to my customers more clearly when I work in the tourism industry in the near future SIGNIFICANCE
Tourism is developing day by day in India as well as the whole world. To understand and experience the various tourism potentials and advancements in various tourist destinations, it is essential to carryout this type of tour and report of the study and it should be helpful to locate the problems and possible to think about how to overcome these problems. It also helps to find out the cause for the problem ie. the lack of proper planning and to know how the tourism led to the economic boom of the country. LIMITATIONS

As a student or as a tourist, it is very difficult to conduct a proper study regarding the matter of tourism due to some limitations. They are; •As a fresher, the lack of experience was a big limitation which in some way restricted us to conduct a proper and effective study •The availability of adequate time was the next limitation which proved to be a constraint in the detailed exploration •Next limitation was the finance. To conduct a detailed study by travelling and staying in various places is tremendously expensive even in India. This lead us to stay in various low-cost hotels during the tour •The culture and custom differences of various places proved a constraint in properly mingling with other tourists and thereby knowing about them....
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