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Topics: Human resource management, Learning, Human resources Pages: 11 (3562 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Topic for the Research
The topic chosen for this research is on human resource management and specifically on one of its function which is the training and development, focusing on managing satisfaction among the people to achieve the company objectives in return. The working title of this study is initially drafted as – Investigating the Impact of Training and Development on Employee Performance and Productivity in Entrepot. This study is organization-based and inputs will be collected from the staff of Entrepot Marketing Private Limited.   Rationale for Selection of Topic

Entrepot Marketing Private Limited, a local Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) dealing in industrial tools and lifting equipment was established in 1984.The company has since grown from 5 workers in 1984 to the current strength of 32 workers. Over the years, the company has managed to retain a group of long serving staff in core positions who has contributed to its continuous growth. The process of succession planning took place about 10 years ago where employees with potential were identified and being developed into second generation leaders. Looking forward, with the company eyeing listing within the next five years, there is a need to increase the manpower and also to retain quality employees. In the past three to five years, however, there has been a trend in staff turnover where staff leaves the company with less than two years in service. Reasons for the continuing turnover are not known hence there is a need to investigate such as well as how the company can sustain its workforce in the future. Performance refers to the accomplishment of something or mere working effectiveness. In an organization, to which Entrepot is not an exemption, performance is realized at the levels of organization, process and individuals and the interrelationships among these will define the vantage points of the organization. In contributing to the overall goal of the organization, training and development processes are implemented as this benefits not just the organization but also the individuals making up that organization. For the organization, training and development leads to improved profitability while cultivating more positive attitudes toward profit orientation. For the individuals, training and development improve job knowledge while also helping in identifying with the goals of the organization. Training and development is defined as the planned learning experiences that teach employees how to perform current and future jobs. At its core is the improvement in the performance of individuals participating in training and development activities. Learnings achieved through training and development therefore means to be translated as organizational resource by which the people acquire, infer and utilized. As such, performance contributes to the growth of the organization specifically since they can implement in combination competences and expertise acquired through training and development. Further, training and development and how it impacts the performance of the employees in the business setting have received a significant attention from the researchers. Same goes in the manufacturing sector but limited on SME setting and specifically on the workforce hence this study. Research Question

A study on the relationship between training and development and performance and productivity in Entrepot Marketing Private Limited, this study intends to give answer to the following questions: 1. How do Entrepot employees perceive the overall training and development program of the company? Are the activities within the program adequate? If not, in what specific areas do the program is lacking? 2. How do Entrepot employees perceive the overall adequacy of training and development activities of the company? How do this impact the role of the human resource...
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