Research Paper

Topics: Qualitative research, Scientific method, Quantitative research Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Michael Cade and Sean Broughton
April 30, 2013

Reflection Paper
In week three of my syllabus, my objectives were too differentiate between qualitative and quantitive methods of research. Too differentiate; Qualitative methods provide the context against which to more fully understand those results. They capture what people have to say in their own words and describe their experiences in depth. Qualitative data provides the texture of real life in its many variations; it gives insight into the reasoning and feelings that motivate people to take action. In short, quantitative methods are standardized, systematically obtaining succinct responses from as many clients as possible. Explaining frequently valid and relevant qualitative research designs and quantative research design in a given business situation, Descriptive research- Descriptions can be solid or abstract. A solid description may describe the ethnic mix of a state, the changing age of a demographics or the language connection in a workplace. Explanatory research- Targets on why questions. For example, it is one thing to describe the car rates in a state, to examine car rental rates over time or to compare the rates in different states. It is a different thing to come up with explanations about why the car rental rates are as high as it is and why some types of car rental store rates are rising or why the rate is higher in some states than in others. Using quantitative and qualitative research I would use both of these research methods to find for example: at Gap Inc. using these methods to find out the qualitative and quantitative of my stores shipment every week, after using these methods of research then my result will tell me how much shipment I received and the quality of jeans, pants, and shirts I have records of my merchandise I sell out of my store in detail. To find out how many car rentals have the lowest rates. I would first do an Explanatory research...
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