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Ascendance – submission is defined as the disposition of an individual either to dominate or to be dominated by his fellow beings in various face to face relationship of everyday life. The tendency to dominate over others is found common in everyday life situations. This dimension of personality was studied by G.W and F.H Allanport. They developed an inventory to study this dimension of actions. Presenting these life situations, the subjects were asked to select one from one group of standardized responses which most nearly characteristics their usually behavior in that situation. Not all responses chosen will reveal the invariable ascendance or submission, for most people show both the type of responses under different conditions at different times. However the situations presented are capable of detecting the type of reactions which are the characteristics of ascendance or submission. As this inventory is in the verbal form, it is useful to study only the educated ones. It reveals the extent to which the subject has domination or submission tendency. This inventory has two terms one for men and the other for women. Each is standardized separately and cannot be interchanged on use.

Plan and Procedure:
To determine the ascendance- submission disposition of the subject Material
* A-S Reaction inventory [men or women]
* Scoring keys and norms
* Writing materials
Administer the A-S inventory to your subject according to the direction given in the manual. Score the answers with the reference to the scoring key and determine the extent of ascendance- submission with reference to the norms given. Procedure

Seat the subject comfortably; establish a good rapport with the subject. If the subject answers honestly and freely, the subject’s results will be her knowledge’s profit. The test is not a test of intelligence, knowledge or social asset but only a study of reactions under...
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