Republican Party and Sun Belt Impact

Topics: Republican Party, African American, Southern United States Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: September 26, 2014
Hasta La Vista Question Responses
Jonathan Martin 9/16/2014 6th Period

1) What GOP stands for
"Grand Old Party" which is the Republican Party.
2) What states make up the “sun belt”
The region included California and the Southwest as well as states on the periphery of the South such as Texas and Florida. 3) Why do you think it is nicknamed the Sun Belt?
It is in the South, closer to the equator where it is hotter. 4) What demographic is now considered the swing vote in this area? Why? Latinos because they are not committed to a political party. 5) What demographics tend to vote consistently for which party? White Southerners: Republicans African Americans: Democrats

6) How does the Sun Belt impact politicians and elections?
Due to the high Latino population, parties are trying to win over the undecided votes. 7) When did the South dominate Washington? Why?
A majority of people in the south voted Republican which won a lot of votes. 8) Explain when and why overall the South switched political party allegiances. The other party made it harder through legislation to keep control. 9) Why does “simplistic appeals to ‘the people’” not work in the Sun Belt? The region is now very diverse with many different opinions. 10) What is the role of religion in Sun Belt politics and why? The Sun Belt has a very high religious population and many will vote based of the religious values of a particular party or if a certain party goes against their religious values.
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