Report of National Coordination Committee on Right to Information Act

Topics: Government, State, Right to Information Act Pages: 4 (1118 words) Published: March 19, 2011

Executive Summary

The Central Information Commission constituted a sub-committee for coordinating the suggestions received from the State Information Commissions and to review the suggested amendments in the Right to Information Act, 2005. The Committee consisted of ten members, of which nine are Chief Information Commissioners of States and one a Central Information Commissioner. Although the mandate of the sub committee was (a) To coordinate the suggestions received from State Commissions; and (b) To review the suggested amendment in the Act, the Committee decided to concentrate on the first objective alone. The Act having been in force for a little of over two years, the Committee considers it premature to recommend amendments to the RTI Act.

The general Terms of Reference of the sub-committee were determined as :-

1. To identify the major obstacles in flow of information and to outline ways and measures for removing them for facility of the public. 2. To evolve mechanism for effective cooperation and coordination of the activities of Central/State Information Commissions. 3. To develop a system for effective documentation and dissemination of best practices in India and abroad and creation of an e-enabled common portal for Information Commissions on the lines of COURTNIC (system evolved for the Supreme Court and High Courts). 4. To review rules and executive orders issued under the Act. 5. To promote scientific management of all records in all offices in the Government and public authorities. 6. To promote the spread of public awareness and training as mandated by Section 26 of the RTI Act. 7. To suggest arrangements for better information delivery at the district level.

Based on their practical experiences, nine State Information Commissioners represented in the Committee have given their...
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