Report of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

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Past 5 years concept of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Dutch-Bangla Bank is the first bank in Bangladesh to be fully automated and introduce Electronic Banking. The automation was completed in 2003, but further additions and features are continuously being added and upgraded. DBBL has adopted the same exact automation solution used my many international banking giants. Although this was significantly more expensive than other solutions, it is a small price to pay for a client's peace of mind.

A DBBL client now has unrivaled access to banking from any DBBL branch, ATM and POS. All of these services are free-of-charge and are surprisingly affordable for everyone. Even though DBBL has invested more in Electronic Banking more than any other bank, the division was never intended to be profitable. It was undertaken with the same mindset DBBL undertakes its Corporate Social Responsibility tasks. This is why you pay nothing even though these same services would cost you much more in other countries and other banks. Never has any bank given so much for free.

DBBL also has the largest ATM network in Bangladesh. This gives DBBL clients full access to 'anytime anywhere' banking nationwide. All international and many local banks use the DBBL ATM network for their own clients. DBBL has installed over 800 ATMs nationwide. As with most things, ATM access to all DBBL ATMs is unlimited and free for all DBBL clients. If a client of a member bank (not DBBL) uses a DBBL ATM, the member bank may add a transaction charge.

DBBL has the largest IT budget in Bangladesh. DBBL maintains the state-of-the-art Electronic-Banking Division. The Electronic-Banking Division oversees and maintains DBBL's investment as well as implementing upcoming projects.

DBBL is the only local bank to have a off-site Data Recovery Site (DRS). DRS ensure that customer records are safe, backed-up, and up to date in the event of a major catastrophe at the Electronic-Banking Division headquarters.

Since 2004, DBBL has introduced mobile and SMS banking. With a mobile phone, customers can perform many banking operations with their phone.

DBBL is a primary license holder for both VISA and MasterCard. It is authorized to issue and accept payments from both organizations. DBBL also works closely with both organizations to bring you the latest in card technology. DBBL also offer Visa and MasterCard Debit Cards.

• Board of Directors (Dutch Bangla Bank Limited)
| Name | Designation | |Mr.Abul Hasnat MD. Rashidul Islam |Chairman | |Mr. Md. Yeasin Ali |Managing Director | |Mr. Zaheed Hossain Khan |Director | |Mr. Bernhard Frey |Director | |Mr. Shahabuddin Ahmed |Director | |Mr. Md. Shahidur Rahman |Director | |Mr. Abedur Rashid Khan |Director |

Savings, investments, employment generation, productions, distribution and consumptions are essential part of any economic system. The Bank being a financial intermediary plays a significant role in this process by mobilizing savings & other resources, allocating such resources to productive investments, local & international trades and consumptions. In the process...
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