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Transcript of BDO: System Glitches; Presentation (Case Study)
System Glitches
BDO has a slow and outdated operating systems that affects its relatively large number of clients resulting to poor services rendered and misinterpretation of a need to acquire additional employees.
Central Problem
Objectives of the Case Study
 To seek into Banco De Oro’s profile and ascertain the major transactions of the bank, its products, management, and clients.
 To be able to identify the central problem that arises in Banco De Oro’s operations and to recognize the subordinating effects of the said problem.
 To be able to know the importance of studying Banco De Oro’s case and find the possible connection that is applicable to the students.
 To be able to arrive at resolutions and choose the most probable answer to the central dilemma.
Significance of the Study
 To the students: This case will serve as an application of the theories that have been discussed during the classroom sessions.
 To the clients: Pinpointing the problem that arises could be beneficial to the clients to actually create a way on how to improve the system of BDO such as making suggestions and creating a blog or mail to be addressed to BDO.
 To BDO: “We find ways.” Although the study has no direct implication to the management of BDO, the case could be as of much value to those who will soon be a part of BDO’s management and could suggest the resolutions that arises in this case.

Company Profile
BDO is an institution that honors its past, continues to improve on its present, and moves towards the future with confidence and strength.
BDO is a full-service universal bank in the Philippines.
BDO has one of the largest distribution networks, with 760 operating branches and over 1,800 ATMs nationwide.
As of 30 September 2012, BDO is the country's largest bank in terms of total resources, capital, customer loans, total deposits and assets under management.
BDO is a member of the SM

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