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Billing Restaurant Record Keeping System Company SILKROUTE Prepared by STRIDERS Course Name Diploma in Information Technology List of Group members Name Reg IDSignature Lalindra De Silva 10590 Shanuka Gamage 10050 Hansajith Chathuranga 10581 Sandaru Maduranga 08452 Nirosh Amaresinghe 08291 Shanika Nishani 08292 Eshani Jayasekera 9708 Sameera Silva 8541 Suraj De Zoysa 8540 Acknowledgement We wish to thank Mr Sujeewa Nishantha Manager of SilkRoute Restaurant,for granting the permission to access information within the restaurant. We owe our special thanks to Amila Bandara Course Director of Siksil Institute of Information Technology, for the guidance and support given to us from the very beginning to produce a successful project.We are also thankful to Mr Thuresh Wimalakeethi Lecturer,for helping us in code through out the project and Mr Nimantha Gunawardena for the assistance In theory. We would like to thank the instructors of Siksil Institute of Information Technology ,Ms Thilini Nemasha,Mr Suraj Mr. Tharaka for helping us to clarify any error codes and helped us in every possible ways. Last but not least, our heartfelt gratitude goes to our parents and siblings for encouraging us and helping with necessary assistance during the completion of the project. This project would not have been possible if not for the support received from all of you. Thank you. Abstract The Silk Route Restaurant is one of the premiere Restaurants in the coastal belt of the island nation. It is very important that such an organization should have an efficient internally computerized system to handle and maintain all the records involving the restaurant. During our research on the restaurant we found that the billing system, accounts records and other documents are maintained in a file based method. Therefore we decided that we should develop a system around this requirement which will increase the efficiency of the maintenance of the records. We planned to overcome this weakness by developing a computerized system facilitates all the requirements expected by the restaurant. Finally we were able to implement a successful computerized system which caters to the needs of the restaurant. In this project we were able to overcome almost all the weaknesses which were at the manual system by adding up more residential characteristics. We were finally able to produce a computerized system that could make a big difference in the restaurant sector. Table of Contents Introduction Project..1 Objectives2 Restaurant Background3 About the existing System4 Scenario.5 Problem of the existing system..6 Solution..7 Facts about the new system8 Advantages of the new system9 Project Management Methodology for Level 1..10 Methodology for Level 2..11 Methodology for Level 3..12 Methodology for Level 4 .13 Context Diagram...14 Level 1 Data Flow Diagram..15 ER Diagram...16 System Development Interfaces/Welcome form..17 MDI Parent form...18 Customer Interface19 Order Interface..20 Database Table Screen Shots21 Coding Welcome Interface25 Login Interface..26 Main Interface...28 Customer Details Interface32 Order Details Interface..35 Conclusion..38 Activity Plan...39 Suggestions.40 Table of figure Interfaces Figure 1..17 Figure 2..18 Figure 3..19 Figure 4...20 Database Table Screen Shots Figure 521 Figure 622 Figure 723 Figure 824 1.Introduction 1.1 Project Our final module was to program a system using VB.Net and SQL Server/Ms Access.The project task given to us was to find a company or an organization and develop a computerized system or an existing computerized system in order to increase the effficency of the normal procedure of the company.As a group mwe decided to choose the SILKROUTE Restaurant as a company where we could find a requirement to implement a successful...
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