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Personal Information

Casslynn Koh
School of Biological Sciences
Year 3
Dong-A University

Kitty Wong
School of Biological Sciences
Year 3
Dong-A University

Jiajun K. Yam
School of Biological Sciences
Year 3
Dong-A University

Duration of exchange

An academic year in DAU is made up of the two semesters: Spring Semester (March till August) and Fall Semester (September till February of the next year).

We went for our exchange on the Fall Semester in 2011, from 29/08/2011- 13/12/2011

Application package

Application form is available at the Instep office. Exchange students to Dong-A University will have to hand in the application form, NTU transcript, A-/O- level certification, a course matching list and Certificate of Enrolment (NTU).

Ensure you duplicate a set of this package for future use.

Acceptance package

It took around 4-8 weeks for the acceptance package to reach us. The host university sent the package to the GEM Explorer office and we will have to collect it from there. In it, is the letter of acceptance which is required for the application of the VISA, as well as a small brochure that contains information on the different campus the university has, the availability of Korean courses for foreign students to take, brief academic calendar, contact information of the university, etc.


All foreigners visiting Korea for more than 90days have to apply for visa. The Visa can be applied at the Consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore.

Address: 47 Scotts Road #05-01, Goldbell Towers, Singapore 228233 and the nearest MRT is Newton station.

Documents required will be an application form (can be downloaded or obtain at the Embassy itself), application fees, a passport size photo, photocopy of the last 2 pages of your bank book, letter of attendance from the NTU and acceptance letter from DAU. Bring along your passport just in case for verification.

It takes 4 to 5 working days for them to process the Visa.

Health and Travel Insurance

Health and travel insurance is encouraged to be purchased. Since the host school does not provide any insurance, it is good to buy one here before you fly off.

Air Tickets and Luggage allowance

Not all airlines will provide free extra luggage allowance. We had chosen to fly with Cathay Pacific and they generally do not permit any luggage allowance, even for students going overseas to study. However on the date of departure itself, our luggage was severely overweight but they still allowed us on anyway.

We heard that SIA had allowed an extra 5kg only when emailed to the corresponding department. Other budget airlines, such as AirAsia, require its customer to pay extra money (approximately SGD100) for that extra allowance.

Accommodation and Food

We stayed in the in-campus dormitory located in Seunghak Campus. The dormitory was booked by International Affairs Office of DAU for us, so nothing was done on our part. Food was provided and the fee for it is covered under the dormitory fees. However it is perfectly all right that if you had decided to eat out on certain days. No hard rule on this.

(Note: There is a private toilet attached to each room. Please note that you have to clean/pay to clean it at the end of the semester before you leave. We STRONGLY RECOMMAND to opt for the 2nd option. )

About Busan

Busan is the 2nd largest city in Korea and one of the top 5 busiest ports in the world. Because of its geographical location, you will find yourselves pampered with a wide variety of seafood choices. Some of the famous food in Busan includes: Twae-ji-chi-gae (pork rice soup), ho-ddok (honey pancake) and seafood.


Climate in Busan is generally milder in comparison to other inland cities such as Seoul. Although it is rather warm during the day, the weather might...
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