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Division Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) 39-1 Hawolgokdong, Wolsong-Gil 5, Seongbukgu Seoul 136-791, Republic of Korea Phone: (+82)-2-958-5584 Mobile: (+82)-10-5506 1601 Fax: (+82)-2-958-6711 E-mail: leha@vnu.edu.vn Education 2/2008 -2/2012 Ph.D Center for Environmental Technology Research Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) http://www.kist.re.kr Seoul, Republic of Korea University of Science and Technology (UST) http://ust.ac.kr/eng/ 2005-2007...

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Gangnam Style

brother is Gangnam style’. The proper meaning of it can be understood well when one is aware of the history of the phrase ‘Gangnam style’.‘Oppa’ means older brother and ‘Gangnam’ refers to the ‘south of a river (Han river)’ which penetrates through Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. The place had a very sudden economic rising in the twentieth century and after that, anything or anyone referring or belonging to that area is considered someone of very high standard or status like people of elite...

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La Chica Del Sur By José Luis Garcia

points of contact between them: the sequence not only features the Internet as a mediator that helps facilitate mobility, it also introduces us to Alejandro Kim, a historian living in Buenos Aires who accompanies the director on his journey through Seoul. Kim’s role as translator symbolically expresses both the possibility and impossibility of communication between Argentina and Korea, as well as between García and Sukyung. A final journey (which constitutes a kind of reparatory mobility) comes at...

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G20 Summit

The Group of 20 was created in 1999 to develop a solution to economic hardship and financial crisis. On November 10-11, 2010, leaders around the world gathered in Seoul, Korea. The implementations included ensuring the current economic recovery by creating jobs, this will balance our recovery and increase wealth. Other commitments include strengthening the international financial regulatory system and institutions, which will sustain global growth and prevent future crisis. With this a summit was...

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Samsung and Theme Park

Competitive Rivalry within Theme Park Industry : HIGH Local Rivalry There are 6 amusement park industry in Korea and Lotte world and Seoul Land are the closest competitor. Lotte world is stated themselves as the biggest Indoor Theme Park in the world and they are located at downtown, which is one of the key success in the business with the accessibility. Seoul Land is the closest competitor with farmland with the similarity of the place, that offer fresh air and easy access. International Rivalry...

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Olympic assignment

 Assignment 1: Internet Investigation Jason Lee Jan 21,2014 KINE3440 210985067 The first article I have found is titled “Seoul Worries About North Korea: Countdown to Olympics Brings Terrorism Jitters” by Karl Schoenberger and Sam Jameson. The second article is titled “Johnson to Go back into starting blocks: Banned Sprinter to begin the testimony that will determine his future...

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North Karelia University of Applied Sciences

in the East of Asia, and belongs to the south of Korean Peninsula, with the total area of 98,480 square kilometers (108th in the world). Its neighbors are China to the West, Japan to the East, and North Korea to the North. Capital of South Korea is Seoul with the population is believed to be around 10.5 million citizens, and some other big major cities are Busan (3.6 million), Daegu (2.5 million), Incheon (2.7 million), Gwangju (1.4 million), Daejeon (1.4 million), Ulsan (1.1 million). The terrain...

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South Korea's Apparel Industry in the Future Should Focus on Globalization

the other one was the 2008 world financial crisis. Through the 1988 Olympics and 2002 World Cup, has also tried to globalization, have become globalized countries face a chance. Financial crisis has left a huge clothing industry scars, and even the Seoul Olympic Games and World Cup in Japan and South Korea failed to arouse the special needs of the rigid demands, which also makes the vision of globalization frustrated. Shortly after Japan and South Korea World Cup in 2002, when a business operator...

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Walmart Case Study

South Korea. Millions of dollars were lost and the expansion in those countries and should be used as a guide of how not to enter a new country. Many Koreans never have even heard of Walmart since there were only 16 stores. That means in the city Seoul with a population of 10 million, there was only one store. Wal-Mart also pushed Western marketing strategies that put off South Korean consumers. Wal-Mart will need to analyze how aggressively they enter a new market, and how to change Wal-Mart’s corporate...

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Korean Civilization

will be worse than the official rate. Most banks and hotels can exchange money, and most will also take travelers checks. Cash advances on non-Korean credit cards can be made in most subway stations and banks. Many international banks have offices in Seoul, and a few have branches in Pusan. | People Population: over 46.9 million (1999 est.) Koreans descended from the Mongolian race in prehistoric times. Periods of occupation have also added Chinese and Japanese blood to the gene pool. Although...

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