Seoul Project: Women Friendly City

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Awarded practice by U.N. for develop of social integration in the city Seoul ( Republic of Korea)|


“Women Friendly City” (WFC) is a plan designed with the aim of enhances gender equality in the society of Seoul (Republic of Korea). This practice had been awarded by United Nations as a winner of the contest in 2010, because it presents a very innovative way for overcome the discrimination against women, and promotes social integration. WFC is the first project created by the local government of Korea in order to integrate the perspectives of the women into urban policy- making. This project is composed o a variety of subprojects designed to undertake the historical causes of discomfort an unpleasantness that women experiment in their urban life. This plan takes in consideration a number of aspects like work, culture, health, transport, and education which ensure and improve the participation of the women in the decision – making process. Specifically, these aspects had been materialized by customized childcare centers, job searching programs for housewives, women friendly restrooms, women safe parks, to name only few. In the same way, is interesting the conception that Seoul’s project attribute to the women: “The word “women” refers to the women as a heterogeneous group with diverse identities”. Highlighting; that among women as among men, there are different qualities: race, class, nationality, sexual orientation, age and some more. But even if they are so different, most of the women share common roles in society as caregivers, mothers, householders and workers. So WFC pretends facilitate these quotidian tasks, creating free time for a new role: policy makers. This paper introduces you to the programs and plans that WFC had adopted from 2007 in order to eliminated the social inequality in Seoul, the capital Republic of Korea. Taking in account that Korean women among the history have had a difficult experience within the participation process. Also it will show the viability of this kind a project in other scenarios. For example: Is it possible improves the quality of life of the women from other countries with alternatives like WFC? Finally the results of this practice will be exposed; as well, conclusions and suggestions to improve the performance of WFC in different environments. And will be discuss how social inclusion policies are fundamental in the construction of a healthy society.
The roles of the Korean Women in society have had very radical changes in the history. Korean women once enjoyed nearly equal legal status with men, but that changed over the course of the Cho sun Dynasty, especially as Confucianism gained strength. During this period women were not to be seen by anyone outside the family and they remained confined at home. (One of the traditional games wherein young women stand on a kind of teeter-totter would allow girls to catch a glimpse of the world outside the walls of her home). The only time a woman could go out, albeit briefly, was in the evening. A bell would ring, warning men off the streets and women, cover from head to toe, would be allowed to go out.  In the years subsequent to end of second war world, while Korean laws gave women near equal status, they were often neither applied nor enforced. Change was happening, however. The majority of Korean women could go to university. However, when they graduate, even if their grades were higher than their male colleagues, they were unlikely to be hired at the same job or pay level. Women were still expected to make coffee and wipe the desks of their male colleagues. Companies preferred to hire less-qualified males than invest in a woman who will leave when she marries or who will have family responsibilities that will prevent her working late or socializing with colleagues – in other words, she won’t be a good team member....
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