Rent a Car Case Study

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Analyze enterprise’s service quality survey. What information is it trying to gather? What are its research objectives?

The company is trying to gather the following information
Level of Customer satisfaction, customer friendly process information, employee efficiency, customer expectation, information to decide the product mix, market segmentation and targeting, customer loyalty and demand forecast The research objective of the company is to know its customer expectation and market opportunities so asking the question which will help for SWOT analysis.

What decision has Enterprise made with regard to primary data collection-research approach, contact method, sampling plan, and research instrument?

Research approach- questionnaire method
Contact method- mail survey
Sampling plan- the company is randomly choosing 1 out of 20 customers. Research instrument-

In addition to or instead of the mail survey, what other means could enterprise use to gather customer satisfaction information?

The mail survey suffer from the shortcomings such as reach to only limited number of people, chances of distortion in middle is so high, it’s a time taking method and also is likely to be ignored and not answered by customer. So, in addition to mail survey a provision for instant feedback from customer at the time of return of car should be made as it will help to overcome all the above mentioned shortcomings. If possible email or telephonic conversation can also be used.

What specific recommendations would you make to enterprise to improve the response rate and the timeliness of feedback from the process.

Instant feedback method will reduce the time gap and also the customer will be more morally liable to answer, the question in the questionnaire should be more concrete and concise and also the redundant and repetition of question should be avoided as it will make questionnaire unnecessarily lengthy and the chance of customer avoiding it will increase.
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