Religious Figures

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30 January 2013
Religious Figures of Spain

Catholicism is the main religion in Spain. There are also some Jews who have settled in Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba and Sevilla. There are some Anglicans in Spain. There has been a lot of dispute between the Catholics, Muslims Jews and Protestants. Christians were defeated and Christianity was adopted by the masses. Catholic religion was taken as the religion of the state when a Concordant was signed with Vatican. There were many religious figures from Spain over hundreds of years. Pope Alexander VI and Pope Callixtus III along with over twenty nuns are many examples of important figures. Except Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer and Joseph Calasanctius were two of Spain’s more famous religious figures and are now considered Saints.

Joseph Calasanctius also known as Joseph Calasanz and Josephus a Matre Dei was born September 11, 1557 in Peralta de la Sal, Aragon, Spain and died August 25, 1648 at age ninety in Rome, Papal States. Joseph Calasanctius received a good education first at home, then in the University of Valencia. In 1583 he became priest in the Diocese of Albarracin.  In 1592 he came to Rome, where he found a protector in Cardinal Marcantonio Colonna who chose him as his theologian and instructor to his nephew. In Rome, Joseph started his famous charity work: he gathered children, who had lost their parents, from the streets and brought them to school of a Confraternity of Christian Wright 2

Doctrine. In November 1597, Joseph opened the first public free school in Europe. Pope Clement VIII gave an annual contribution and many others shared in the work, so that in a short time Joseph had about a thousand children under his charge. In 1602, he rented a house at St. Andrea della Valle, where he commenced a community life with his assistants, laying the foundation of the Order of Piarists. In 1612, the school was transferred to the Torres Palace adjoining St. Pantaleone....
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