Religion Had a Greater Impact Than Economics on English Colonization in North America

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Religion, United States Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: October 28, 2010
It wasn’t until the 18th century that the American colonies showed promise to be a single, unified nation. When the colonies started to become more established, more people in England began to migrate to America. Encouraging factors for America’s survival include the effect of the Great Awakening and varied interpretations of this movement. However, factors that held them back were the American colonies continued reliance on England for survival. Religion had a greater impact on English colonization in North America because it was the driving force that brought America closer to becoming a nation, whereas the economic portion of the American colonies forced them to rely on England. Colonists viewed America as a place they could go to practice their religion freely, however most people looked badly upon religions outside of their own. One of the most close-minded settlements in America was New England, this was both a good and a bad thing as it brought the settlers closer together, but also pushed outsiders away. The Middle Colonies accepted many more churches, as there was a greater amount of ethnic and religious diversity. This shows the importance of religion by highlighting how it brought people with common religions together to form colonies and gave insentive to people who lived in England to immigrate to America for more religious freedom than they previously had. Thus, when the Great Awakening occured, colonists were provided with even more reason to practice their religion and continue their work in America for a better, more liberated life. The Great Awakening occurred in the mid-eighteenth century and was a time when preachers traveled from town to town, drawing hundreds – even thousands - of people who became inspired by their words of wisdom. The main point the preachers made in their sermons was that personal religious experience was important in seeking God’s salvation. This message touched settlers in a way that helped them accept the new...
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