Economics vs Religion American Colonies

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Former British colonies, Massachusetts Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Economics over Religion

Throughout history there have been two leading factors that lead a colony to success. These two factors are religion and economics or money. Which factor is more important? In my opinion, economics is more important because the colonists had many issues getting necessities, and if they had enough money for all that, their problems would all basically be gone. Economic stability and the success of the mercantile system made the establishment of the colonies in North America possible. The Massachusetts Bay colony was established in 1691 by William and Mary. This colony was very successful on the principal of economics. At first this colony was supported by the wealthy immigrants, which wasn’t needed soon enough because the colonists could fend for themselves. The colonists would clean, spin, and weave wool then trade it to other colonies, England, or other European parts. Economics was more beneficial because if they just prayed for God to bring them resources and show them what to do, they wouldn’t be able to live on their own and it would be a failed colony. With the money they made they were able to get resources they needed, build structures, and become successful. On another hand the colony of Rhode Island was formed by Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams, along with the permission of England and support of others. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were both banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony was speaking out against the church. Rhode Island was formed for the freedom to worship and is known for its independence. Although religion was a large component of the colony that isn’t what made it successful. Their trading of fish and fur was what kept them a successful colony, not the practice of their religions. Economics was not only useful in the New England colonies but also in the Middle colonies and Southern colonies.

Middle colonies such as Province of Pennsylvania thrived on the trade with a group of people called the...
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