Religion Exam Review

Topics: Ritual, Hinduism, Religion Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Part A
My 500 word digital map cosisted of religion Hinduism or more percisely Vedisim, a segment of Hinduisim that revolved primarly around the mythic bersion of Vedas. The existence of Vedas dates back as far as 1500 BCE to 1000 BCE and until 600 BCE they were not codified. In my digital map i interviewed my uncle who had opened up a Temple here in Toronto, in 1979. I questioned him about the challenegs he faced, religious ceremonies that are held, and the items that are most commonly used in these ceremonies. One kep concept from Nye thats connects with my map would be the concept of globalization in contemporary religion. Globalization is primarly about the flows of people, goods information, and ideas across boundaries and continents. Mentioning how my uncle a Sri Lankan native migrated all the way over to Canada to not only build a better life, but exapnd the HIndu culture into a more diverse community. He wanted to share his passion for the traditions and teach the younger generation the importance of believeing in a culture that has existed since time. Another key concept that connects my map with Nye would be rituals. Victor Turner defines rituals as formal behaviour prescribed for occasions not given over to technological routine thats have reference to beliefs in mystical or non-empirical beings or powers. Vedism like so many other cultures have rituals that are performed to, and in cour contemporary world with religion and culture the rituals are perfomred without the distractions of our modern day enhancements. During the interview, i question my unlce of the items he would use during certain rituals, and he told thats especailly for pujas he would have a coconut, whihc is the fruit of god, the lotus flower, which symbolizes the human soul, and residues from their most sacred animal the cow. I mentioned in my map that my uncle was trying to

Part B
From the ritual chapter of Nye, i picked John Beattie as my thinker. John Beattie states that...
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