Religion and Society

Topics: Religion, Human, Humans Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: July 14, 2013
Julius Ceazar D. AyalaSOCSCI104

Personal Reactions

“No man is an island.”

This quotation/saying merely says that no individual person can survive and become successful by simply being alone in his or her life. Life will not be complete if we just stay in one place without others’ presence. It also means that no matter how alone you feel or how alone you try to be, you will need others’ help. Human necessarily depends on other people. Our life would be miserable without interacting and staying in touch with our family and friends. We can find happiness with our colleagues because you can only find true happiness whenever you are bonded together with someone we need. In short, an individual cannot stand alone with his own feet and without seeking others’ help. We cannot experience a very complete and adequate life if you are just spending the rest of it alone. We are the only one who is responsible with our own life, but with the presence of other people, our life would be more precious and valuable.

“Man is not only a rational and political being, man is gregariously social being.”

Basically, man is usually involved in politics and other political systems most probably in our own country. But we are also social beings who interact, connect and communicate with the people surrounding us. Without interacting with others, we cannot call ourselves as social human beings. Humans actually need the company of other humans for them to be contented in life.

Nowadays, lots of social networking sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, wechat, etc. are conquering the World Wide Web and we all know that people are very inquisitive when it comes to modern technology. And so by the use of that, people will be getting more sociable and will truly become a gregarious social being. We, the Filipino people, at times, are very loquacious. We keep to talk to other people even though we didn’t know them personally. That’s one of the example...
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