The Impact of Religious Practice on Social Stability

Topics: Spirituality, Religion, Debut albums Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Dakota Jafferis
Personal Academic
Religion since the beginning of time has been not only prevalent in most every person’s life, it has shaped many of the ideas and practices that humans have based their lives around. Now we are thousands of years in the future from these ancient times and it continues to do so, affecting moral standing, decisions, and so many other things, in my essay I would like to write about how religion has adapted to fit a mass populated modern culture with so many different life styles and to look at how the individual has been able to tweak religion and the spirit to fit his/ her needs. From a personal stand point I plan on bringing in my own testimonial of my spirituality, the places it has taken me, the ways it has shaped and the overall impression towards religion that my journey has left on me. I will also speak about the ways in which I have witnessed it affect those close to me and share anecdotes of every day happenings that have made me think twice about either a higher power or lack thereof. Finally, another personal aspect will be to talk about the power of observing the natural world and the ways I believe one can make themselves more inclined to finding some meaning in a religious or spiritual manner. On the academic side I will site historical events that changed the world forever that were directly connected to religion amongst other examples that are famous or less well known, and finally tying it all into culture I will touch on laws or actions in society that are obviously influenced by religion and investigate how these affect our society and shape our culture, also analyzing the youth of my generation and the general ideas shared globally towards religion in today’s constantly shifting world dynamic.
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