Religion and Modern Society

Topics: Religion, Hinduism, Shiva Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: July 19, 2012
(1.) All religious traditions have a "story" - whether you believe in that particular religion or not dictates whether the story is real or not for you.  Why do you think that myths persist in our modern society?  What function do they serve?    

Although the existence of myths in our society today compared to those during the beginning days of the world differ; the presence of myths in our modern society still holds the sense of relevance in our modern day religious traditions. The reasons in which myths persist in our modern society, in my opinion, is very similar to why the Native Americans during the earlier centuries used myths. Before the discovery of science, subconscious morals and the government were established; myths functioned as a form of “science “by providing answers to facts, which are commonly available to us in modern society today. Some examples of these commonly known facts were; the existence of fire, why the world exists, why there exists both a male and female counterpart to all mankind, and etc. With the new technological advances in these fields, were able to no longer depend on myths to answer those questions, but in modern society myths persists in providing answers to why Gods/deities exists, why certain rituals and practices are performed and punishments that results in not following these rituals. Some examples of these are; the life of Jesus Christ, The ten disciples’, and the journey of Siberian Shaman.

(2.) Discuss the role of the shaman in the Native American and any other religious tradition.  

In the Native American religious tradition, the shaman plays the role of a highly respected and spiritually religious figure in the society ,which has the ability communicate with living and dead spirits , perform healing, sacrifices, fortune-telling , storyteller , songs writer, herbal healer, and ect. The shaman of the Native Americans has the responsibility of providing spiritual and non-spiritual services...
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