Reliance Mutual Fund

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SUBMITTED BY: Sushil Goyal MeBA- 72 (2008-2010)


Wakad Pune


For any management course, summer training is essential and important part of curriculum of MBA degree. It is an exposure to corporate environment and help MBA aspirants to get acquainted with organizational norms, procedure, practices, ethics, and culture. It also gives an insight of actual functioning of the organization. It helps the student to understand and to correlate with theoretical aspect with practical reality. It was the great experience with RELIANCE MONEY during summer project which has helped me to improve my communication and interpersonal skills and also give me the better understanding of the subject.


I would like to express our sincere thanks to my Project Guide Mr. Suchet Sinde for his guidance and support throughout my training at RELIANCE MONEY (PUNE) branch. His calm demeanor and willingness to teach has been a Great help in our successfully completing the project. My learning has been immeasurable and working under him was a great experience. I extend my sincere thanks to all the staff members of Reliance Money for providing a very hospitable and helpful work environment and making my summer training an exciting and memorable event.I also acknowledge heart felt gratitude for all those people who have made available tons of information required for our Project.The successful accomplishment of any task is incomplete without acknowledging the contributing personalities who both assisted and inspired and lead us to visualize the things that turn them into successful stories for our successors.I thank the Almighty God for his grace bestowed on us throughout this project. Last, but not the least, I would like to thank my Parents and all my Friends for their wholehearted direct and indirect support and encouragement.



This project was done as per the guidelines of the RELIANCE MONEY branch and with the help of data provided by them. My industry guide Mr. Suchet Sinde assigned us the project in groups and so the project was being done in group by me and my group members of the Reliance Money. I also declare that this project is the result of my own effort and has not been submitted to any other institution.




This is to certify that Mr. / Ms. Sushil Goyal has successfully completed his / her Summer Project titled “Analysis Of Mutual Funds ” at RELIANCE MONEY Ltd. from 11.05.2009 to 11.07.2009 in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Masters In e-Business Administration (MeBA) 2008-10 Course



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Objectives of the Study Introduction of Mutual Fund Company Details Growth of Reliance Money History of Mutual Fund Organization of Mutual fund Research on Mutual fund Types of Mutual fund Benefits and Risks in Mutual Funds Conclusion Bibliography

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Objectives of the Study:a. To draw a comparative analysis of mutual funds and to explore various popular investment avenues for the investors has been the prime objective of this study. b. c. d. e. To Test the awareness level in the market for Mutual Fund. To find the importance of various investments based parameters among sample of investors. To identify the potential customers across locations, age-groups, profession. To get an idea of customer expectations in terms of rate of return.


INTRODUCTION OF MUTUAL FUND MUTUAL FUNDS . AN OVERVIEW: A Mutual Fund is a trust that pools the savings of a number of Investors who share a common financial goal. The money thus collected is invested by the fund manager in different types of securities depending upon the objective of the scheme. These could range from shares to debentures to...
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