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Summer Training Project Report On

Submitted by:-

Ashutosh Suthar

BBA 2nd year

Sekhawati College Of Management and IT


Executive summary
A mutual fund is a fund in which an investor's money is combined with the money of many other investors. The total amount of money is invested by a professional manager according to the specific mutual fund's investment objective. Each investor holds a share of the total fund, and is entitled to a portion of the profits of the fund (and, of course, would share in any investment losses). Life is full of surprises, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. Our families and we have to live with these uncertainties. Preparing for the uncertainties of life is what Insurance is all about. Why waste precious moments contemplating tomorrow, when we have to live today? Insurance is a tool, a solution for delegating the worries concerning tomorrow onto a trustworthy institution so that you can start living today. My project aims to the understanding Market Study Of SBI Mutual Fund as compare to Unit Linked Plan of Life Insurance and how are Mutual Fund’s products different from Unit Linked Life Insurance.

Achieving a milestone for any person is extremely difficult. However, there are motivations, which come across the curvaceous path like twinkling stars in the sky and make our task much easier. It becomes my humble and foremost duty to acknowledge all of them. I am deeply indebted to and express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Sameer Saxena, Mr. Praveen Saini of SBI mutual fund private limited and Mr. Sunil Arora of State Bank Of India for providing their valuable guidance and encouragement through out the summer training for keeping my morale up and making it possible to complete and submit this project of mine in time. In addition to allow me to study the mutual fund sector. They provided me in depth details and enlightened me in the preparation of the study report. It would be unfair on my part if do not thank my heartful thanks to my parents and colleagues for their unstinting help without which this work could never have been accomplished they made me realized the importance of a team, teamwork and also the leadership skills. I am grateful to all of them for standing with me and supporting me in this project. Words can not be adequately expressed my sense of gratitude and indebtedness to Sekhawati College of Management and IT for giving me an opportunity. Ashutosh Suthar SCMIT


Only Theoretical knowledge stands nowhere and cannot give positive and meaningful result unless supplemented with the real practice of Business Environment. Summer training is the implementation of the theory in practice that makes real meaning to what exactly is management The researcher was assigned to SBI mutual fund, Jaipur for summer training, which constitute an integral part of three years BBA program. The training period consists of 45-60 days. It was really a great opportunity of getting practical insight into the corporate world. The researcher contacted directly to the customers in their Home in Jaipur city to obtain relevant information. The company was interested to know to assess the customer acquisition and market position of the SBI Mutual fund schemes in the jaipur. After the analysis of collected data, the main findings of this study and suggestion are presented in the report.



INTRODUCTION ”Mutual Fund are a pool of savings collected from a number of small investors, sharing a common financial goal. The money thus collected is invested by experienced professionals called fund managers, according to the predecided objectives in diverse types of securities like Government sponsored Debentures and Bonds, shares of public and private sector companies, bank guaranteed instruments. Thus a Mutual Fund is the most suitable investment for the...

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