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“The Philippines country case study” by Rhona B. Caoli-Rodriguez (2007). This paper reviews major policy reforms and programs implemented by the Philippine government in connection with its commitment to EFA 2015 Goals and the country’s progress towards attaining them. The review covers the period starting 2000, when the WEF was convened in Dakar, to the present. A backgrounder on the Philippine educational system is presented to contextualize subsequent discussions. The main part of this paper is divided into the following parts: (a) assessment of the general policies and enabling environment crucial to the achievement of EFA 2015 Goals; (b) accounting of the country’s progress towards the six EFA 2015 Goals based on key outcome indicators; and (c) evaluation of the country’s prospect of achieving the Goals in 2015. Each part includes a discussion on the issues and challenges that emerged as these policies and their corresponding programs and projects were implemented. The review concludes with a highlight on the major lessons derived in introducing the necessary reforms and programs towards achieving the EFA 2015 Goals.

A thesis entitled “An Analysis of the Policy:K-12 Education Program” by HELEN GRACE A. DE JUSTO, ELMAR JOHN O. DIGAL, GLENNE B. LAGURA of UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHEASTERN PHILIPPINES(2012) analyzes the problems faced in the program and the steps and options to be considered in implementing it. The researchers stated the objectives of the K-12 education system. These are 1) To enhance the curriculum of the Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program as the central focus, 2) To develop tracks based on different competencies and/or student interest as an integral component of the program, 3) To enhance the basic education curriculum being undertaken hand in hand with the vigorous efforts to ensure adequacy of inputs as part of the bigger basic education reform, 4)To alter change in two-fold: curriculum enhancement and transition management, and 5) To have...
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