K+12 in the Philippines (2011)

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: September 11, 2011
“The Population Commission (Popcom) said there are 30.6 million Filipinos or 6.12 million families who are suffering from poverty.”

With this quotation, the recently implemented K+12 Educational System in the Philippines which includes additional two years of school is untimely and may not be very convenient for the Filipino people.

This program initiated by DepEd aims to improve the quality of education in Filipino schools. The batches that will be affected with the system are Batch 2016 and up. Implementation of this system means more teachers and facilities will be needed. Preparations are certainly needed before this education system should be implemented.

Since this system was recently implemented, we can say that teachers are unprepared for the change. New facilities are not easily acquired, either. Judging from the case of poverty in the Philippines, a greater rate of the whole population of the Philippines who are supposed to revel in the K+12 implementation are the ones who are unable and incapable of availing the new educational system. Every year, the rate of poverty in the Philippines increases. How can the Filipinos find the K+12 beneficial when in this situation?

One of the reasons why DepEd suggested such educational system, which can be observed in foreign countries, is the lack of job vacancies for new graduates. Application of the new system may be effective in producing less graduates, but less graduates mean less students that have acquired sufficient education.

The implementation of K+12 Educational System in the Philippines would bring forth more benefits if it has been approved in a much later time. For now, we can say that implementation of K+12 is not the best solution to the problems the country is currently facing.
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