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Topics: MySpace, Internet, Social network service Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: April 20, 2013
uDoodle is a social networking site that allows users to socialize with friends and meet new people. The website offers features that are common to social networking sites and also introduces new and unique features. One of them is the Doodle Board, which lets users draw on a canvas like interface. Users are not limited to drawing on their own Doodle Boards because they may do the same to Doodle Boards of other users as long as they are permitted to do so. This lets people share their creativity to other users of the website. uDoodle also features games that users can play. Games featured in the website are educational and allow users to learn about different subjects while they are being entertained. The proponents of this study are on a pursuit of finding out whether or not users of uDoodle will find the website acceptable. Through user feedbacks that come from those who use the website, the proponents make new prototype implementations according to what users want and need. By studying these feedbacks, the proponents are able to know what users think about the website and make necessary additions, modifications, and deletions during development to make uDoodle the best social networking sites users can try.[] The mentioned website shows how capable a networking site is. Not only being a social networking site, uDoodle has several features to entertain its users to avoid the tendency of getting bored. The proponents developed a social networking site that allows user to communicate with friends and family, and interact with others within the site. Aside from being a social networking site where you will meet new people and socialize, the developed website also provides several features that can help to entertain its users such as blogging, media sharing and editing of pictures.
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