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User Satisfaction Analysis- Facebook


This study focuses on analysing the impact of changes brought in Facebook interface and new services added on various categories of Facebook users. In order to analyse the impact a primary research has been conducted and various statistical tools have been used. 1 Introduction

World’s largest social networking site FACEBOOK, with around 900 million users connecting with their friends, families, work places was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in year 2004. Introduced with just and experiment it has turned into addiction and passion for people to use Facebook. The multiple updates, applications, ad various other elements included are part of daily life of its users. A journey from the year it has been introduced, on a simple belief of “you dying, if you are not changing”, but the change has to be right. Facebook has been updated after every few days with element of innovation and always facilitating its users. Functionality of Facebook over the years has been changing explaining versions like, Initially introduced in year 2005 with the original functions and look, penetrating into the market, the first new changes were made. Besides normal chats and online messaging to people, users can use it for various other functions since till then it seeped into the market. In 2006, came the introduction of application use on Facebook. In year 2007-2008 real expansion of apps, photo usage, poking, social components came. Till now the user base for Facebook was quite high and still growing and there introduced mafia wars, Farmville, photo-tagging and many other developments. There in year 2009 entered most crucial change came with introduction of timeline to Facebook page. And now establishing its foothold in virtual networking in year 2010, ideas are again brainstormed and with the layout changes and introduction of Facebook LITE, with simple layouts easy access changes in Facebook were at its zenith.After 2010-2012since then came a vibrant change to the newsfeed allowing interactivity to selected users they want to communicate with. Latest introduction been made is the check-in, HD-videos,music feeds, newsfeed tickers and many others till date the updates are been made and customizations and updating is fantastically growing. 1.1 Literature Review

There are many surveys conducted to evaluate satisfaction of Facebook users and their response to changes and innovations brought in the user interface. One of the surveys ACSI (American consumer satisfaction) indicates a low level of satisfaction and rated poor in terms of satisfaction in America (. Another survey which has been conducted by Bloomberg rates Facebook as third after yahoo and Google in terms of user privacy. In addition to this research conducted by Mintel and daily mail states a poor response of Facebook users on regularly changing Facebook interface. A large number of studies have been conducted in this field, this report will try to analyse following factors:

Frequency distribution of various Facebook users in different categories are equal Preference of various Facebook functions is impacted by the category of Facebook user Impact of privacy policy, connecting ease and regular updating on satisfaction level of Facebook users Impact of changes in timeline to the overall rating of timeline Impact of reduced regression factor ‘innovative features’ on satisfaction level of Facebook users.

1.2 Data &Methodology
The report is based on primary data collected through an online questionnaire (Appendix 1) with thirteen questions. To present and interpret the data, responses from 78 respondents have been i.e. (n) =78. Following dataset has been used in analysis carried out in this report. 1.2.1 User Category

Our research divides key Facebook users in five categories based on the usage figures available from, the chosen categories are students,...

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